Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fashion choices sometimes surprise me.

It's cold here.  I know, I know.  There is always some place colder, but when it is 5 F and the wind chill is - 11, that counts for cold for me.   Yesterday was cold, too.

We had people in and out all day.  It was a bank holiday and everyone got gussied up, wore some extra perfume (I swear that they did and my perfume sensitivity agreed) and came on in to work.  Fantastic!  We were thrilled to have them.

We had one lady, though.  She was dressed.  Oh my.  Michelle Obama would have been impressed.  She had a wonderfully fitted suit, hair not out of place, far too much perfume, but peep toe black stilettos to show off her fabulous pedicure in the snow on slick parking lot bricks.


If it were me, I would wobble around on those things like a newborn giraffe on an ice rink.  She was steady and didn't even catch a heel between the bricks.

She was my work fashion hero yesterday.

Michelle Obama wins, though.  Her jacket was delicious.

Stay warm!

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