Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Have I ever mentioned the love we have for our neighbors?

Our paralyzed vehicle to the Internet is currently sitting on the neighbors kitchen table as he attempting to rescucitate it for us.

She is in some serious rough shape. I think that she may need bypass surgery. Right now, she is in ICU and we hope the best for her.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Skechers Twinkle Toes- what a disappointment!

Dear Skechers,

My daughter has wanted a pair of Twinkle Toes for years. Since she wears the standard American school uniform, TToes were legal, funky footwear. They were a bit cost prohibitive for what they were, but we found some on the clearance rack this summer. For $30.00, I've been able to buy Nikes or Converse, which have held up wonderfully, but I agreed to get the TToes.

The first day of school, a twinkle came off. Bummer.

Fast forward a month and you have my daughter announcing that, "You need to e-mail the sneaker company, Mom. There's a hole on the bottom of my shoes." When she got home, I looked and there was a big hole in the sole of her shoe. She has only run in them. There is no swingset at her current school, so it isn't like she was dragging the paper thin bottoms of these otherwise ridiculously high-cost shoes.

The failure of these shoes has left my husband and me to have to reinvest in shoes for my daughter for school. Our money has gone into a pair of LL Bean comfy girl mountain moc's (low hiking shoes) for another $40.00. They are well worth the money and at least if they have a problem, they will replace them. Oh, but they are well built to begin with and I'm certain that the sole will last longer than a month.

Your company will not be getting any more of our money.

A sad mom,