Saturday, October 6, 2012

Check, check, check goes the list. AKA feeling accomplished.

K started our day by announcing that she wanted to take me to breakfast - her treat. We got rolling to her establishment of choice- the arches of gold. Grandma had given her a coupon for a free breakfast sandwich and she had a want for a smoothie. We had breakfast. And went on to our appointment for tire rotation.

Check mark #1- We dropped ye ole vehicle off, knew it would take a while and set off to walking to a few stores. K has healthy habits project due on Monday and she has chosen exercise as a healthy habit to do. One of the 3rd grade teachers at the school drove past and was yelling hi to us when I announced that K was working on her health project. All she could do was to laugh.

Check mark #2- We picked up some craft paper to decorate K's project. Fully unnecessary, but a lil glitter and stickers never hurt anyone. :)

Check mark # 3- We stopped in at the bulk food store to get some cake pop supplies. K loves that store. She marvels at all of the selections in bins and thinks it is grand that you can buy one scoop of just anything. Before you question my germaphobia and a self-serve bulk food store, it is a well-policed and very small mom and pop.

Check mark #4- We stopped at the costume store to look for Princess Leia buns. They didn't have them, but at least we looked. We did see a rather hilarious Ro*mne$y mask. I couldn't help but to snap a photo and send it on to Rachael who loved it as much as I did.

Check mark #5- We went back to the tire store, checked in and the RAV was still on the rack. We were stuck watching truTV with stories of crimes and thefts in a rather unclean waiting area. The gentleman came back to tell me that they needed to pull the RAV off the rack, drive it, then put it on the alignment machine. Apparently, it doesn't read right when the suspension has been dangling for the rotation. Turns out that it was out and with the RAV, it eats tires when that happens. I'm glad that we got that handled before winter.

Check mark #6- We ran onto Target and bought very little. My Morningstar Farms wasn't on sale. :(

Check mark #7- We dashed by the store for broccoli for tonight, cereal and milk. I just realized that I never found the eggs. Drat. Tomorrow for that one.

Check mark #8- We stopped by the bank and both of us had money to deposit. K now has $160.00 saved. She hasn't been saving for that long. I'm thinking from maybe this summer? She did go with a jar savings to start out. Still, not too shabby for an 8 year old.

Check mark #9- We stopped by the Democratic Headquarters in our area and got our Obama yard sign. K even got a pin to wear. I was able to ask the lovely young man that despite always voting Democrat, why is it that I'm being bombarded with recycling materials from the MR campaign? Battleground state, perhaps?

We'll take off here in just a bit to go pump out water from my parents basement (it rains every single time that they are out of town and since they are having major home repairs done, no gutters are up since there us nothing to attach them to.) I'll stop by for a car wash and mark that off my list. We're going to a fall festival tonight with friends. Another check mark. :) Got to love clearing a mental list! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy with 66.7%.

K had a math test today. She and Hubs has studied since Saturday, including a review session this AM before school. Her teacher emailed that she got 8/12 and she knew that wasn't what we were looking for but, "We'll fix this!" I told her that I never thought I would say that I was thrilled with a D, but that was a 20 point improvement and I can't ignore that percentage of improvement. So I breathe a sigh of relief. It isn't bomb bad. It is thinking of tickling a C and that isn't a bad thing.

K has been approved for the supplemental tutoring. The teacher is backing us and wonderful with communication. We will fix this. It will take time. We're moving in the right direction and that is all I can ask.