Saturday, September 29, 2012

History repeating itself.

My struggles with math began when I was in third grade. I had Mrs. Henry as a teacher and she was busy teaching us a shortcut in division, if memory serves. The spiral started downward at that point.

I have spent so much time praying about K this week and her math difficulties. The school system switched from Harcourt math to enVision math- a math system that we are convinced was written by people who clearly don't sit in the classroom. Nonetheless, it is what we are stuck with. On Thursday, we received a letter that went home with all grade 3-5 students, introducing the tutor and different types of things that they can do to help the students.

I e-mailed her straight away. I asked for intervention. I told her what is going on, what we are trying to do and the all A's and one B she has otherwise. She e-mailed me last evening explaining more about enVision (I understand her point, but I'm not convinced) and told me that she'll check in with K's teacher and with K herself. Praise God!

Yesterday afternoon, K came hone with an invitation to the after school tutoring and enrichment program for math. Since space is limited, we filled the form out and drove right back up to the school. K begged me to allow her to do it. When she handed the form to me she said, "Mom, I need this." You think?

How thankful we are that the school is truly trying to help us and not sweeping K's struggle under the rug. We are so thankful for the opportunities that are being given to her. Despite that she will be gone from 7:30 AM until after 5, she knows that it will make for a very long day, but she is eager (without my building the opportunities up as a good thing for her) to get her mathematical misunderstandings worked out.

How glad I am that she has these oppotunities, because I did not and my struggle continued on. I'm hoping for a much better math brain for her!

Monday, September 24, 2012

My Quotable Kid: Einstein's Law of Relativity according to an 8 year old.

"Don't yell at each other." Okay. :)

We've been walking at night and K has told us, "Ask me a question. Any question."

I also asked her, "What is Pi?"

"Well, it's a dessert in cherry, apple . . . "

It makes us giggle.

"What is the point that paper will burn?"

"A thousand degrees? Um, no. 104."

We'll keep on asking her questions to see what her answers are. They make the walk seem shorter.

Have a great day!