Saturday, August 11, 2012

Levies, voting and irritations.

Earlier in the week, there were some levies up for vote.  There were several school levies that were voted down.  That's unfortunate, but the State of Ohio has been under mandate for quite some time to restructure how it funds the schools.  Levies with property tax (if my understanding is correct) are technically illegal with how to fund the schools, so while I always vote for the school levies, there are those who don't and perhaps that is a defense they use.  Alrighty then.

There is a town up north that had a Fire and EMS levy up.  The town which is more township sized, passed the levy, but only by very little.  It was probably something to the effect of 53/47.  It is the land of the McMansion.  For those who voted the levy down, what exactly do they do if the house catches fire?  Do they just pull out the garden hose?  What do they do if they are in the presence of someone in cardiac arrest?  Do they pull out two irons, rub them together and hope for a jump start?  No.  They call 911.  They call 911 knowing that the folks will come with the trucks and the hoses and do their best to minimize damage despite voting down the very levy that would fund them.  If the folks wouldn't come or would do as one fire agency did when the fire bill wasn't paid (let the house burn down), they would sue them.  (I would have rather that they put the fire out on the house that burned, but the firefighters were not permitted to do so.)  They would sue them because they chose not to support them and yet, they still believe that these people should be at their beck and call. (No, the folks with the house that burned down because they didn't pay their fire bill did not sue.) 

We're facing the same with EMS.  They are dealing with people in life and death circumstances.  Levy passages allow them to upgrade equipment and pay for staff to come when you call.  If you vote no, sometimes their call is delayed due to staffing and closures and you or your loved one is left hanging until they can get there. 

I just don't get it.  People not supporting those who come running each time we call.  Makes absolutely not a lick of sense to me. 

Have an opinion?  Share it.  Just make it constructive, please.

Friday, August 10, 2012

And today we rest.

Today is jammie day in my house.  We decided that yesterday when, while feverishly typing 12 pages of PTA bylaws, K- came to me in tears saying that I didn't want to hang with her.  I told her that I wasn't choosing PTA over her, but at that point, I had to get that done, because I was having a board meeting later that evening at the house.

So today is jammie day.

Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful are on deck.  I decided to leave Breakfast Club out of the mix.  I really don't want her trying to keep lipstick in the cleavage she doesn't have, making snowstorms with dandruff that she doesn't have, taping butt cheeks together, smoking substances or a ton of other things that the kids did.  The other two are benign enough and affords us the opportunity to talk about how cruel kids can be.  (There was a point to my having her watch those!)

We'll dine on cold pizza and potato chips and dip. 

We will snuggle up on the couch with the blanket because it is now 63 degrees, raining intermittently and chilly willy puddin' pie.  (I'm wearing a sweatshirt.)  Never mind that yesterday was 90 here.  I tried the window-open thing, but had to bag out mid-afternoon.

Now if you'll pardon me, I have to go and be a vegetable today.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My computer has pneumonia.

Our computer has a virus.  The virus is such that the Microsoft Safety Scan freezes up while trying to be my antibiotic.

Y'all, that isn't good.

I've been scanning and trying to remove the offending bit for a while.  I should add here that I am no computer savvy individual.  Sure, I can slam a nice looking something on a word processing program or hit publish on blogger, but anything other than pushing the button and making it run is kind of far out of my realm.

Last night, when on my jog about the computer, wanting to start working on the darned PTA bylaws and standing rules, the computer suddenly decided that it didn't like the internet any longer and wanted to abort.

I panicked.

You see, Hubs had purchased an external hard drive months ago, knowing that we were having a problem with our dinosaur computer made from basement parts that was crafted by the neighbor and his tech friends from the phone company nearly nine years ago.  :breath:  I mean, this computer has served us well, but this same hummy box was holding photos from K-'s life over the last 4 years.  I have the other years on disks in the fire box.  I panicked at losing all the files I just worked on for the PTA. 

Hubs was not feeling well.  He did not appreciate my immediate need to attach the hard drive we've had for months.  My need did not make him happy.  But, being the Hubs that he is, he got up (not without noise), got the hard drive hooked up and I transferred photos for hours.

And hours.


Yes, I'm like a Japanese tourist.

I'm still trouncing through and trying to make certain that I got it all. 

Our box is going to be relieved of all these photos once I double check the external hard drive.  We're thinking that with just that, it will make it run faster, which will probably make the worm eat even more! 

Rrrr.  One day, I'll own a Mac.

Smiles in my day:
-  The other night, I forgot about the clothes on the line until almost 10 PM.  Hubs came out and held the flash light for me so that I could see what I was doing.  I thought it was very thoughtful of him to offer and took him up on it.  :)

Have a great, computer crash-free day!