Sunday, December 16, 2012

The dinner time talk with K- about the shootings.

I don't want my child to be scared to go to school.  However, I do not want her to be blind sided by the information that may very well come up on Monday.  

"K-.  Dad and I need to have a serious talk with you.  You did nothing wrong.  We do want to talk to you about something very bad that happened.  You'll probably hear about it at school.  Something happened very bad at a school very far away.  People were hurt and people died."  

"What happened?"  

Hubs answered that someone came in and did have a gun and shot a lot of people.  I was hesitant about giving so much information, but she asked and we told her.  We told her that it seems like he was mad at his mom.  The people in the school did nothing wrong.  

Tears rolled down her face.  "But I just feel so bad for all of those families."  

"We do, too."  "We want you to feel safe.  Do you feel safe?"  

We reviewed different policies and how lock downs are done on a regular basis.  Again, I'm thankful that I witnessed a live lock down that was not a drill.  That does make my heart feel so much better.  

We explained to her that her school is always locked, but it is important not to open it up for anyone.  "They need to get buzzed in and make sure you never let anyone in, even if you know them because we want to follow the rules."  

I'm sad that we had to have this conversation with her, but I wanted her to have some time before going back to school to digest the information in as much as she can.  She knows that she can always ask us any question and this allows her processing time before re-entry.  

I told her that I suspect that Miss W (the school counselor) may be having a talk with them sometime about it.  I also said that I wouldn't be surprised if they have a lock down drill this week.  

I just wanted to prepare her, but we don't want to scare her.  Still . . .


Rach said...

It's a very difficult conversation to have, but a necessary one. I cried as I talked about it with Bitty.

Sissy said...

We had a lockdown (not drill) on Thursday and it lasted almost 90 minutes. Not really fun at all, but it made Friday seem all the more real.