Monday, December 10, 2012

5200+ e-mails made my account blow up.

I have a confession.  I have admitted it to you before, but it got absolutely no better when the computer crashed.  I was behind on clearing out old e-mails.  The computer crashed and I could only access those e-mails on the Kindle.  When you erase them from the Kindle, they don't erase from the actual account. (Or at least, that is what I found.)  When the computer got replaced with a machine that works willingly, I had 5243 e-mails.


I was dealing with them bit by bit.  I went in one day and noticed that my e-mail had now become one page with many additional spaces left for more.

Juno ate them.

It's okay.  The account needed freed of the clutter.  Still, 5243.  Really?  If I was that stuffed full of e-mails from the Vitamin Shop, Old Navy, Bass Pro and more, I would explode, too.

I've since been very good at clearing out the old.  I've also blocked e-mails and changed subscription notices.

A New Year's Resolution?  Keep better control of the e-mail.  I promise.

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Rach said...


I get stressed out if I have more than 25 in my in-box. Holy smokes!

I too have been managing subscriptions and opting out of emails in an effort to curtail the flood.