Friday, November 30, 2012

Will work for books.

Today, my book fair co-chair and I went to the Scholastic Warehouse sale.  We needed to purchase books for our school library.  In years past, we were able to purchase paperback books and all was well.  Central processing has now said that they will no longer bar code the paperbacks and all further purchases need to be hardback.

Drat it all.

Kay and I went knowing what we had brought in for the Birthday Book Club.  We also knew that we had a fairly successful book fair this fall and are sitting with quite a sum to be used for book purchases. We had books to purchase for all 6 grades, and to keep with hardback, we knew it would be difficult.  The warehouse sale was 25-80% off and most were 50% off.  While she picked some ahead without me, we went to town today.

I have no idea of how long we were there, but we were able to score.

We purchased 65 hardback books for the bargain price of $315.  For those of you not wanting to pull your calculator out, it was an average of $4.85 per book.  Given that, we decided that 4th and 5th grade would each have a donated book in their name, where grades K-3rd would be buddied up a few kids on some books.  In the end, it doesn't matter, as long as we purchase for the library what needs to be gotten.  The folks, if they have a problem with it, will notice the retail price on the back is NOT the $5.00 that people donate.  We had a coupon of $25. off each $100. spent, so we did 4 separate transactions to get the best price.  We saved $100 that way!  When we dropped the new books off to the librarian, she was thrilled to death.  Those two boxes of books were like Christmas to her!

Kay and I were given a book a piece as a thank you for our recent book fair.  Apparently, they were impressed by how well we did.  They made sure to let us know that the books that we were given were for us for our use at our homes.  I thought that was kind.  Kay worked on set up yesterday and since Scholastic pays $10 in book trade per hour of labor, she is sitting with a tidy $40 in credit to use towards Christmas.  I will be helping tomorrow as well.  I have a few science project books set aside for K to go with her Christmas gift.  To my understanding, they honor the 1/2 price with that, so for two hours worth of work, I may owe them just a few dollars.  Hoorah!

I love books.  K loves books.  To be paid in books?  That is just grand!

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

What a steal on those books!!! The Scholastic Warehouse Sale is the BOMB!!

I too wouldn't mind being paid in books. What a grand thing indeed. :o)