Sunday, October 21, 2012

So tired of the negativity.

Seriously, I would love to watch TV without all of the negative attack ads. I would love to answer my phone without looking at the caller ID. I would love to pick up my mail without ads spilling from the in betweens- on a political side that I've never subscribed to. I am so tired of it. I cannot be the only one.

I admit that it isn't just that. I have found out why people only serve the one term as PTA President that they do. There is always someone telling me what they would do different. I loved getting text messages at 6:20 AM from someone who disagreed with how I handled a situation. Not just one message was sent over, but three to four. Oh yes. Good times. There were duties left unfinished and since they were very time sensitive, I opted to sit Friday and get the task all done. I've had people insert themselves to positions that didn't exist, I have people with control issues, I have people who have a difficult time remembering that this is not a paid position and that we have families, jobs and lives that exist outside of the confines of the PTA walls.

Don't get me wrong. It isn't all bad. Through all the crub, I am happily confident in the candidates that I am voting for. I also have wonderful PTA folks who are absolutely happy to do anything and yes, I practice having them say, "No," so that I know they can say it. We have teams of people who rotate weeks on handling different tasks and people who are honest with me in a loving and constructive manner. I have people and a principal willing to work with me to get things done for our 530 children. I am thankful that we do have parents so dedicated and willing to make everything that they can happen for our school.

The negativity has just all piled at once. Couple that with an ailing computer that is not allowing me to get things completed and it kind of makes me cranky. I would live it if everyone and everything would just cooperate and not be so yucky. Some day the dust will settle with everything, right?


Rach said...

GAH!! Don't get me started on the negativity! I'm so ready for November to come and go. UGH!

I'm sorry about the PTA thing. It really is a tough position, and you're handling it beautifully. :o)

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Can't WAIT for this election to be over. Hate.Everything.Associated.With.It.
Just tell me what you stand for or don't stand for and I can make up my own mind. Sheesh.
And these lame political calls keep waking up the baby. I VOTED PEOPLE. I voted via absentee ballot. Leave me alone, please.
Sorry about the PTA situation. Hugs to you on that one.
And sorry about the Twinkle Toes. Hugs to K on that one :(