Sunday, September 16, 2012

Warm milk for your brain.

When K was an infant, my sister-in-law gave her a handful of music CDs to listen to. One of those CDs got the most play, even earning an emergency copy after the CD was cracked when the radio fell out of the car. She listened to it so often that even I can predict the next note.

Recently, K was having some difficulty sleeping. We looked through music CDs and found the old standby.

It worked like a charm. Just like the days of old (when she was an infant until she started Kindergarten) it put her right to sleep.

I tell you, even after all this time it still remains as warm milk for her brain. You see, kiddo has taken to going to bed listening to books on tape. There are occasions that she gets so wrapped up in what she is listening to that she can't shut her brain off.

It makes me smile to know that it still soothes. She isn't too old yet!

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Rach said...

May I just tell you how much this post made me smile? I'm so happy that CD is still working like a charm for K. :o)