Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The one wear my brain flies into ADD and I can't bring it all together.

I started talking about opening my windows and regretting it since the house is 85 F and I'm hot.  There are people out there that have no AC at all and frankly, I think that I'm whining about something trivial.

I started another post about the sadness I have about the Colorado shooting, how disturbing I feel it is that sales of firearms have been on the rise and what possesses someone to decide to kill anyone, much less mow a bunch of people down with an assault rifle when they did nothing anyhow.  (Not that I could find a defense for doing that at all.)

I then began with the thought of how I made sweet corn cake and took that to my sister's house a few weeks ago.  I was out of creamed corn and decided that I could just spin some canned corn in the mini chop and certainly that would do it.  I assure you, it was not a sufficient substitute.  I also used raw sugar vs. granulated.  Finally, after re-reading, I discovered that I used baking soda instead of baking powder and that would be why the whole recipe kind of tasted, in my sister's words, "Earthy."  I made it again last Thursday, being careful to follow the instructions completely, and it was amazing how incredibly delicious it was!  See, following directions and not making it my own did work. 

Surprisingly, I had no purple shirt to wear for purple night at VBS, so I wore one of K-'s purple hair doodles in my hair.  There, I had a lick of purple.  Being that I like lavender, I was surprised to find that I have winter things, but no summer things in that color. 

Canned food collection went better this evening.

The horse that K- was supposed to ride for horseback riding (we traded fishing lessons for riding lessons with my cousin) is injured and cannot be ridden.  However, K- is excited about, "Taking care of it, watering it, feeding it, brushing it and telling it how much I love it."  She just wants to scratch a velvety nose.  If she can't ride, she gets it and has found alternate things she can do to be happy.

I think that I may have run out of things to ramble about. 



Rach said...

Windows open? I wish!

Guns? You know my opinion on that, right? :sigh:

Corncake? Do tell!

Purple? My wardrobe is lots and lots of maroon. I see maroon and I buy it thinking, "This would be great for Game Day!" But, notsomuch purple for me. And, do I really need that much maroon? Really?

Horses? Love those velvety muzzles. I'm glad K's happy. :o)

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

I turned the air off yesterday because the outside thermometer read 72 degrees. Bad Call. It went up to 88, the house hit 90 and my pregnant feet swelled up to 2x their size. Then I had to turn the air back on and cool the house down again. I'm sure I wasted a ton of money on that little move.
I hope K has fun taking care of the horse :)