Friday, July 6, 2012

Prayers for Heather and baby, please.- The update!

Heather texted me today stating that she felt kind of funky with a sore throat and I believe a runny nose.  Later, she texted and said that she was going to the ER because her heart was racing.

To someone who suffered fetal loss as a result of preeclampsia/eclampsia, this is not something that rings well to me.

She went to some facility up north where they did blood work and an EKG.  Apparently, her EKG didn't appear right.  They have sent her off to the Cleveland Clinic (where her husband works) for a 24 hour observation period. 

She is concerned.  I've only gotten info by text, so I can only give you what I have right now.  Please pray for Heather and (as of this moment he is named) baby Gabe.  Gabe is due October 11.

The update is that after having gone to an ER, having a funky EKG, arriving at the other hospital by ambulance, having weird numbers that made them question blood clots, a scan for clots, several EKG's, a quick run to make sure that Gabe is swimming beautifully, Heather is now HOME as it was dehydration (gee, um, 99 F have anything to do with it?) and low potassium.  She left me a message and said that she needed to sleep.  So glad that it wasn't the ugly road we walked down. 

Phew.  Oh, and AMEN!  :)

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ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Oh WOW! So glad that everything is OK with Heather and the baby. How scary though. I got a 64 oz BPA free water bottle at Wal-*Mart. Tell her to get one and try to drink 2 a day. It really helps. I go now where without it.