Friday, June 22, 2012

The results are in and . . .

Nothing has changed.  I only had a slight reaction to the venom-under-the-skin test.  No RAST, as Dr. A- figures that the results are going to be the same.  Basically, live with an Epi at my side, make sure that it doesn't go south, let him know to call in refills and come back to see him if I get stung again.  A plus is that K- stood there and watched it and was rather impressed with the process. 

I have a dotted arm and absolutely no more answers.  I think that sometimes, it just kind of rolls that way.  In the meantime, I refuse to discontinue gardening or being outside where there are bees.  I'm not stung that often, so I'm hoping that it will continue to be a rarity and that perhaps, the reaction was just a fluke.  Somehow, neither I nor Dr. A- think that with the family history I have.  :crinkly nose:

If all I have to do is to carry an Epi Pen just in case, it seems like a simple solution to me.

Smiles in my day:
-  I haven't done these in a while and it's not that I haven't had anything to be joyously happy about. 
-  My cousin called this morning and insisted that she aid us in putting K-'s Webkinz online.  Of course, the only code we don't possess is for the one that she bought K-.  (ARGH!)  At any rate, K- is all thrilled having been introduced to the land of Webkinz.  Her time is bought by reading (interchangeable now with TV time credits.)  It took a bit of time (an hour and a half!) to get the land set up and to acquaint us with the inner workings.  It is something fun for her to do. 
-  The green beans and some of the corn are up!
-  Keeping the sale peacock eye out for Rachael.  We've been texting back and forth about the lovely peacock that she found at Target some time ago.  P has now gone on clearance, but is not in Rachael's area.  We'll see how low she goes here and we just may have to have the peacock fly by USPS.  We're watching. 

Must go cook dinner!  Have a lovely day!


Rach said...

Epipens aren't fun, but they're sure as shootin' better than the alternative. :oS

Hooray! The smilies are back! We've not done the Webkinz online thing. I like earning the time.

As for that peacock, I thank you so much for keeping your eyes peeled. :o)

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

My boys used to love Webkinz. I liked it too. Now they are into "Toon Town". I'm not as impressed with that one.

Well, at least you didn't add any allergies into the mix. That's how we like to look on the bright side.

Just keep that Epi handy when outside and I'll pray that you never need it!