Saturday, May 19, 2012

Uncle John: Cleveland Police Department

My husband had an Uncle John. Uncle John was a Cleveland Police officer who was shot by a suspect who was trying to kill himself. If my understanding is correct, the father was trying to intervene with the suspect, the man in question somehow got knocked off the porch and started shooting at the officers. He had shot himself in the stomach before falling off the porch, shot Uncle John who then proceeded to strike him with a bullet all the while having been injured. K and I talked about Uncle John this morning. I couldn't tell her a whole lot since I never had the pleasure of meeting him. However, I could tell her that he was Grandma's brother and that he held on for nearly three weeks before he died. It is Policeman's Week. I thought that it might be a good thing to fill K in a bit about her family. It is good for her to know about how Daddy's uncle went out and protected people and died doing what was right. We thank Uncle John for his service. We're so glad that Hubs had him in his life, even though Hubs was just 4 at the time. An unusual thing I noticed in researching information about Uncle John was that many years later on the exact month and day he was injured, his great niece was born.


ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

The boys and I have researched Uncle John too. They've seen some pictures and I've told them what happened (I was going into 1st grade so my details are limited). I remember him as being so sweet, really fun, and extremely handsome. His mom was never same after that and I remember that the incident really took more than one life.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Oh, definitely. I believe Grandma Stella was absolutely devasted and died of cancer two years later. K (SIL) thinks that she died of a broken heart. I know that my MIL was never the same again. The suspect did die as well. Do a quick search of his name. I was stunned how much Aunt D and Uncle John really did look alike.