Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm in a bit of a sandal quandary.

I'm having a bit of a hard time with the sandal thing this year.  I've been on a "no heels, no sandals (flippy kind) and NO! FLIP FLOPS" decree from the doctor since October.  I've been obedient.  The other day, I had to go see Dr. W for a smile and a wave to get orders for cholesterol blood work and he asked about my foot. 

"It's good.  It tweaks and twinges every now and then, but when I ruptured my ACL, I also broke a bone.  That did the same thing.  It's just going to take a while."

"A long while," my darling doctor says.

So goes the part where I was going to ask about flip flops.  I'm on a flip flop and any other shoe that isn't "securely strapped to my foot" ban until at least August 31.  I have particular parameters I need to fall within for sandals.

1.  Must be strapped to my foot.
2.  Must be comfortable.
3.  I like some toes to peek out, but I hate it when the sandal front begins an inch before your toes do.  Yikes.
4.  They can't look orthopedic.
5.  They can't look like they came from my grandmother's closet (though I have no grandparents left at all).  Yes, that request is different from #4.
6.  In the spirit of needing to keep my 5th metatarsal which is still on the mend happy, it needs to be practical.  This is why I bought the Keen Balboa sandals in lime green.  Practical.  Fits the bill and kicky.  Sadly, lime green doesn't go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe and frankly, I don't want to have two of the exact same pairs of shoes in different colors.  Yes, I realize that lime was slightly impractical, but my feet have to be firmly attached to a foot bed and I am an artist.  You've got to give me some room to play with.
7.  I will not wear Crocs.  To those who love them, God bless you.  I just can't do them. 
8.  I tried Earth shoes (the Imply sandal) and it rubbed so badly on my heel that I sent them back right away.  Yikes. 
9.  I have and love the several pair of Birkenstocks that I have.  They are elfin, but they are comfy.  I do have a pair of t-strap clog/sandals that I wear a lot. 

K- and I stopped by DSW and TJ Maxx today.  I probably tried 30 pairs of sandals on.  If it was cute, it rubbed in a weird place and was dead to me. 

I might add that while I am money conscious, in our house, we don't wear cheap shoes.  Really, I'm willing to pay decent money for something that I WILL wear and WILL love.  I just can't find them.

Any suggestions?


concretenprimroses said...

sorry to hear about your foot troubles. Hope Aug 31 rolls around and finds you all better.
I love my Keens and wear them all year long. I buy a new pair (dif color) every year and am looking at ways to freshen up my old ones.
That said, I just ran upstairs to look in my closet because I couldn't think of this brand name: Spring Step. Super soft leather. I bought 2 pairs last year. They might be old ladyish, I can't tell since I'm 56 yo. I have 2 pairs of the Lolitas. Zappos has free shipping both ways and 100 pairs of SS sandals. Worth a try!

Good luck

Rach said...

Since I have such a difficult time finding sandals that fit and meet my criteria, when I *do* find a pair, I get them in two or three colors. I understand not wanting to have more than one pair of the same style, but it's not always a bad thing. Then again...

Having multiple pairs in two or three colors is all well and good if I am putting shoes on when I have good lighting. However, trouble arises when I'm dressing in a dark closet (B sleeping) and I get to work and find I have on one brown and one black sandal. ACK!!

RC said...

I love Earth Spirit sandals. You can find them at Planet Shoes. They are the MOST comfortable sandal I've ever worn.

This one in particular has a strap on the back to keep the shoe on your foot! :)