Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hello tired!

The sleep over camp out went well, but I was on Mommy Watch, and everytime someone turned, I woke up. After we left my cousins house, we did a few errands, came home, had lunch, tried to take a nap, was unsuccessful, then I went out to garden. I'm happy to say that one full bed is completely cleared, plants have been moves and almost all vegetables have been planted. Here's what I did: Moved the stray Columbine to join its family. Moved a volunteer Forget Me Not away from choking out the Asters and to a happy home of its own. Moved some stray Black Eye Susans to join their family. Moved the Blazing Star so that it wouldn't blaze over top and ahead of something shorter. Planted all of the tomatoes- Jasper's, Yellow Pear and Sweeties (joining volunteer Sungolds and a mystery volunteer.) Planted two mini bell peppers. Planted 5 Ground Cherries. Planted several Marvels of Peru that I grew from seed. Planted onion sets. Planted a couple patches of Little Finger carrots. Seeded several sunflowers. Seeded English Daisies. Seeded Hollyhocks. Seeded yellow straight neck squash. Have I mentioned how tired I am? Oh yes, I did that in the post title. Well, I stand by that statement. Zzz. P.S. Kindle likes to dump this into one huge paragraph. So sorry.


Rach said...

I think I counted at least ten more seconds of free-time in there you didn't account for. What, pray tell, did you do with that time??? ;o)

Seriously, I'm bushed just reading all that. I can't wait to see the fruits of your labors. :o)

Bailey's Leaf said...

I can't either. :)