Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tales from the Trenches: Spring sports season, Earth Day and snow.

Last week, which was the first week of soccer, it was warm.  It was in the low 80's, I had K- dressed up in minimal clothing for the game (short socks, camisole under jersey), sprayed her with sunscreen, packed water and snacks in the cooler and off we went for me to score a sunburn.  (Oops.)  This week, I packed the child with as many clothes as I could get on her (think of Randy in A Christmas Story) and I had on my deep winter walking jacket, wool/fleece & leather gloves, a winter hat, wrapped in a wool blanket and I was STILL cold.  The wind, the drizzle and the cold were biting. 

On the positive end of things, K- scored a goal last week and helped with a goal assist this week.  Despite weather (and some major flak for making her wear an emergency poncho under the jersey), she pulled it out and made it happen.

She just finished up swimming this past weekend.  I've been able to send her out with slightly damp hair other weeks, but this week I needed to make it bone dry.  Brrrrr.

On a positive note, K- passed her swimming exam and was bumped up to the next level.  This probably doesn't seem like a big deal, but it usually takes her 2 seasons to pass to the next level.  She only started Level 3 this February.  I think that her success was partially due to the smaller class.  K-
s class was smaller to begin with.  It had 8 kids, but then dwindled down to 4.  It was nearly, but not quite, private lessons.  For $50.00 for 8 lessons, that just can't be beat!

Unsports related, after swimming, we cruised out to see Hubs and the Earth Day celebration at the park.  It was cold and rainy.  We were helping to pack up and I sent K- off to make a kite.  I got up there, was watching what she was doing and one woman in the tent lit up a cigarette.  K- looked at me and I was gently pulling her back.  "Oh Ma'am, she can finish."  "Oh, she's okay."  "No, she can finish, it's alright."  "Ma'am, I'm sorry, but my daughter is very allergic to smoke."  She turned around, saw her mom with a cigarette and yelled for her to put it out.  I felt bad, but my child's health was far too important.  When we went to leave, the lady came to apologize.  She was in tears.  "Ma'am, I'm so glad that you said something."  I told her that I didn't want her to worry about it, but I've spent far too much time in the doctor's office with K- not to remove her from that somehow.  Turns out that she has allergies (actual anaphyllaxis) from perfumes.  She said that she felt so dumb to not even think.  To her credit (and I told her this), it was the end of the day, it was cold and rainy and it probably was just habit.  For whatever it is worth, I don't think she'll do that again. 

Since we had a threat of 2" of soggy, heavy snow, I went and covered annual dianthus, mums and my blooming soapwort with heavy pots.  While we didn't get the snow, 35 minutes east of here had a Winter Storm Warning yesterday.  Crazy!  I'll have to go pull my pots this morning, before I cook my little plants.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go put on my coat and untied shoes to do dances with pots.  Have a lovely day!


ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

What a difference a week makes! The first soccer game I enjoyed sunning myself while watching M score a goal and play goalie. But this week was a whole other story. I didn't even go. I don't have a winter coat big enough to zip/button over my belly. No way was I going out there half dressed. We have a Friday and a Sunday game with week. Hopefully the weather will be better.
Congrats to K on moving up with swimming!
Thank goodness we didn't get that snow. I know we had a mild winter, but I'm so over it.

Rach said...

Woo HOO! Go K on the swimming and soccer successes!! :o)

Notsomuch with the smoker, but I'm glad it all ended well.

The weather has been flakey here since Saturday. Saturday afternoon the clouds and cold rolled in (mind you, W'burg cold, not "REAL" cold) and we haven't seen 70 since. Sure, it's only Tuesday, but for mid-April around here that's nuts.

Now, I'm not complaining because I enjoy those cooler temps, but I don't like them with wet and rain. Yuck.