Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tales from the Trenches: Hooray for the rain barrel!

Yesterday, I hooked the rain barrel back up.  It really was only a three second job, but I did find out that somewhere over the course of our non-existent winter, the spigot on/off widget had broken.  No fear!  Ace Hardware had what I needed, it was a $5.00 replacement and this one is infinitely more substantial than the one that came with the rain barrel.

Rain barrel, you say?  Why yes.  We bought a water urn from Home Depot last year.   We've absolutely loved it and for K-, it seems like second nature to water the plants from the rain barrel, as opposed to the municipal water source.  (We only had to do that twice last year.) 

Last night, we did have some sprinkles.  We had absolutely nothing significant, but our rain barrel was 1/3 full when I checked it.  Hubs was even shocked when I told him how much water we had collected!  I watered the garden (collards and two separate plantings of peas) as well as the Sweet Peas (flowers.)  I filled the watering can all the way up so that when it does storm in the next day or so, the winds won't make it go by way of Mary Poppins.  We're ready to collect more!  I've got seedlings to get rolling here, so to use the rain water on them will also be a rather lovely thing. 

Eee!  So excited that the rain barrel is working again! 

Have a great day!

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