Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring break-less.

K- has been on spring break this week.  We, unlike classmates and others we know, did not go on vacation.  This isn't against anyone who could get away.  That's a great thing.  I have a friend who, though there was a family death expected and it in fact occurred, she was able to sneak away for a bit of time here and there that was somewhat enjoyable. 

We pressed on and worked as usual.  That's certainly okay, as there are bills to pay and that kind of needed done.  Well, at least the city taxes had to be filed.

What did we do? 

Thursday, 4/5:  K- had school, but afterwards, we went forth for the chop.  Both of us are delighted with our cuts. 

Friday, 4/6:  I know that we did a bit of running and I don't recall exactly what.  I do know, however, that K- and I spent a good amount of time filling 350 eggs for the family hunt.  We also attended evening service.

Saturday, 4/7:  The egg hunts.  We had one for church and one for family.  They were lovely and exhaustively took up the entire day.

Sunday, 4/8:  Easter bunny.  Did he arrive?  That was the question posed to me by my sweet thing at 6:20 AM.  I think that I grunted and lifted the covers for her to climb in.  Jar Jar Binks woke her up when she accidentally rolled over his voice activation button on his hand.  We had a lovely service, brunch at church, lunch at my parents with my sibs and an early dinner at the in-law's.  We came home, went for a walk and K- was able to use her new bike. 

Monday, 4/9:  Hubs wanted to take K- fishing out on the boat, but 44 degrees didn't sing real well for fish willing to bite, so they had a Star Wars Festival at home.  All went well until I received a call from Hubs panicking because K- accidentally ripped the cape off the vintage Darth Vader.  Yes, my husband called me at work about that.  In the end, it was all an accident, Hubs apologized to K- for being upset and we've all learned that the vintage Star Wars cannot be undressed like the Barbies can be. 

Tuesday, 4/10:  K- and my MIL went to the movies.  They saw the Lorax.  Once again, K- won an iPod (generic) from the grabber machine.  The other she had stopped working, so she replaced it.  In the meantime, I still have a Hello Kitty iPod sitting to given out.  Obviously, K- doesn't need it.

Wednesday, 4/11:  K- went to hang with my MIL again.  They had a grand time, of course, as most of the school days K- has to do homework and reading.  That takes away from their fun time.  In the evening, we had plans to meet up at a kiddie indoor wonderland AKA Fun N' Stuff to hang with her siblings.  They ran around and had a great time together.  K- misses hanging with them, so the time of play was great. 

Thursday, 4/12:  My sister was scheduled to have her colonoscopy (all went well!), so I signed up to bring dinner.  I made a breakfast casserole (egg strata or egg pie as LeAnne calls it), muffins and a fruit salad.  She wanted something a bit low level since she had just cleared all the piping out to squeak status.  K- and I also had a dental appointment (scheduled it so far ahead that I didn't know it was spring break until the week ahead) and both of us came through with flying colors.  Hooray!

Friday, 4/13:  We were on a mission.  K- and I hit the thrift stores for some dresses.  We were on the hunt.  We purchased 4 dresses or so, a handful of books, a game and a polymer clay kit.  We hung out at my cousins house for bit and played.  K- was able to play with the neighbor for a while and we went on another walk.  At this point, we've been doing those for a couple of weeks now and are pretty good at getting out for the nightly walk about 6 nights a week. 

Saturday, 4/14:  We had our lovely Lowe's Build and Grow workshop, jetted off to the local university for swimming lessons and now we're back home crafting for a bit.  We made some beads with the polymer clay set that we found and we'll be stringing our beads in just a bit.  K- is having quite a lovely time beating the clay with a spoon.  I made mine in more even sizes, but hers are kind of all over the place with size.  We'll see how they bake. 

Sunday, 4/15:  The start of soccer season!  We're holding our breath, since opening day appears to be one possibly filled with thunderstorms.  A friend loaned a pair of brand new soccer shoes to K- (I tried to decline and she insisted saying that she found them at Target sinfully cheap), she had some shorts (I feared that they might go south while she was running) but I found another pair for a buck at the thrift.  The little girl that she watches will be thrilled to take K-'s old bike as a play bike at her house and we're thrilled with that.  More stuff we don't need shuttled off to lands with a need.  I also passed on a good 25 pairs of K-'s underwear that were just replaced with the next size up.  No, she doesn't need 30 pair of underwear, but my MIL buys underwear all the time.  At least we found a behindy to put those on, as well. 

I hope that you've had a wonderful week and I'm certain that you could care less to give a hoot as to what we were doing or where we were going.  That's all good.  At least I killed a few minutes for you, right?  ;)

Have a great day!


ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

I think your family and my family are the only ones I know that didn't go anywhere for spring break. It was nice because it really was a BREAK. Other than random Dr. appts, we didn't have anywhere we had to be. J and I went to see the Lorax while M was at a friends house. It was cute. And Friday I took them swimming at the pool for a few hours. We hadn't been there in a while. I just keep paying the dues without using the place so I figured we needed to use it.
Lesson learned on the vintage Star Wars. We've had a few oops on that type of front with some of Hub's things. Live and learn.
Sounds like you had a nice break-less break. I'm sort of sad to see it end.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Getting K- up this AM was rather beastly. I finally gave up and 10 minutes before the bus came, I sprayed her with water. She giggled, then got up. Rrr.