Thursday, April 12, 2012

My husband listens to death metal. I don't. AKA the post about the Rock Hall Induction this weekend and the people in my CD collection who aren't included.

That Metal Show refers to the Rock Hall as the "Hall of Shame."  Now, I don't fully agree, though I do believe (and know) that there are many people who should be in there who aren't.  I mean, how can you leave out Iron Maiden when they are one of the most influential rock bands or Rush who did get their start in Cleveland when no one else would play them? 

I had started this post back on September 2, 2010.  I don't really recall why I did, but since it was there, I decided to check dates to see who qualified.  1987 is the magical qualifying year, as it has to be 25 years from the first record.  (I went by the years listed on Wikipedia, so they may be band inception dates as opposed to records.  I'm not certain.)  For whatever it is worth, here is my list and my sadness that they haven't been put up for induction.  Please understand, too, that I wouldn't necessarily put each and every single one of these bands up for Rock Hall Induction, but most of them I would love for them to consider. 

Please know that the bands who are crossed out don't qualify date-wise for induction.

A-  Alice in Chains- 1987

B-  Blind Melon- 1992-
      Barenaked Ladies- 1988
      Beastie Boys- Being inducted this year.
      (The) B-52's- 1976
      Black Sabbath- Inducted
        (I actually met them.  Bill Ward shook my hand and thanked me for coming out to see them.) 

C-  (The) Cure- 1976
      Candlebox- 1991
      (Tracy) Chapman- 1986 (from Cleveland!)
      (The) Cranberries- 1989
      Cake- 1991
      (The) Cult- 1983

D-  Dave Matthews- 1991
      Deep Forest- 1992
      (Anne E.) DeChant- 1992 (from Cleveland!)
      Duran Duran- 1978

E-  Eric Clapton- inducted
      Edie Brickell- 1985

F-  (Ben) Folds (Five)- 1988

G-  Guns N' Roses- Being inducted this year minus Axl, at his request. Read below.

H-  House of Lords- 1987 (left over from college days)

I-  (Natalie) Imbruglia- 1989 
     Iron Maiden- 1975

J-  Jane's Addiction- 1985
     Joan Osborne- 1989 (from the closing gallery pick pile)


L-  Led Zeppelin- inducted
      Linkin Park- 1996

M- Mighty, Mighty Bosstones- 1983
      Metallica- inducted
      Marilyn Manson- 1989  (My glassblowing days) From Canton, Ohio!
      Ministry- 1981
      Motley Crue- 1981
      Megadeth- 1983

N-  Nine Inch Nails- 1988 (From Cleveland!) 
      Natalie Merchant- 1981

O-  Only Children- Cleveland only.
      Odd Girl Out- See Anne E. DeChant.  Lakewood, Ohio.

P-  Pink Floyd- inducted.
      Pavement- 1989
      P.O.D.- 1992
      Pantera- 1981 (Yes, I do like some Pantera and saw them in concert with someone once.)
      Pearl Jam- 1990
      Poster Children- 1987

Q- Queensryche- 1981

R-  R.E.M- 1980
      Rusted Root- 1990
      Rush- 1968

S-  Sarah McLachlan- 1988
     Stone Temple Pilots- 1986
     Squirrel Nut Zippers- 1993

T-  Tori Amos- 1986
     10,000 Maniacs- See Natalie Merchant
     Temple of the Dog- 1992 (a band combo)
     Tears for Fears- 1981

U-  Under the Tree- Cleveland area only.


W-  White Town- 1989

X-  (In)x(s)- yes, I know that I cheated- 1977



I'm thinking that I got everyone, but feel that I may have missed a few.  At any rate, do you have anyone that you would have loved to see included?  Any major oversights in the Rock Hall?  Do tell!

ETA:  And because it seems like Axl Rose doesn't like to share the stage with anyone or have anyone possibly upstage him, he has declined his portion of the nomination to the Rock Hall with specification that he not be given the induction in absentia or have anyone speak on his behalf.  Hmm.  Does this ranting tantrum stink of what happened with him when James Hetfield stepped into stage pyrotechnics and Axl threw a fit when James had to be transported to the hospital?  Hmmm.  Axl, get over yourself.

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