Sunday, April 1, 2012


Friday, I worked all day at the school.  I had to get everything ready for the Garden Fair seed planting station.  I heave-hoed the 10 bags of 1 cubic yard of soil, then took them to school, a friend's son moved 4 bags for me, then I had to move the remaining 6 bags.  I put a sign up so that people knew what it was, informed the teachers who expressed interest in planting their children's seeds in class and all was well.  One teacher popped her head back around the corner and said, "Do you have a tool for shoveling the soil?"  "Of course I do!  I'm an anal retentive Virgo!"  She walked away in a giggle.

I went to volunteer in K-'s class, but the class was in the midst of taking a test.  I got a free pass from that, then went hunting for allergy meds at Target.  In the end, I ended up with Target's version of Allegra D and K- got name brand Claritin.  (Coupons, on sale, out of stock . . . or she would be rockin' generic, too.)  I got back, tried to have lunch but found that Wendy's neglected to put one of the two food items into my bag.  I was left without my grilled wrap, but had my baked potato.  Rrr.  The principal checked in with me to make sure I was good for everything for the fundraiser pick-up that afternoon, then he got called out 15 minutes before he was to have a special recess with fundraiser kids, because there was an emergency at another school.  The gym teacher covered the recess, so all was well. 

The truck from the fundraising company came, we unloaded, got things organized, then the filling began.  We only ended up being shy one cookie scoop and being ahead by one cookie dough.  There was an incredible staff of people, including our kids and Mr. B-'s boys who were on spring break, to hoof, haul, fill and carry out to cars.  Kay and I ended up there with our girls until 6:30, only had 5 small orders left, so we counted ourselves extra lucky.

Then we all went home and collapsed.

Saturday was swimming, then lunch out with the in-law's.  I was able to get the remaining items that I needed for K-'s new Easter Bunny bike, since my mother-in-law kept K- with her at Toys R Us so that I could do that.  K- and I hit the craft store, she made a bracelet for a friend and we got supplies for decorating the egg for K-'s locker. 

It no longer looks like an egg.  It is now a bunny.  They said we could glue things to it.  They didn't say that we had to stay within the confines of the egg shape! 

We went to Palm Sunday service this morning.  I had never previously been with palms, so I found it quite interesting.  When we got home, I did as my grandmother always did.  I braided one of the palms (we had actual leaves) and bound it in a curved bend.  It is now sitting in a vase so that it can dry. 

When picking K- up from class, I was asked if I would consider taking a three month teaching rotation of that particular class.  Later, I e-mailed the pastor, told her that God has given me gifts of organization and planning, but I haven't the talent or patience for teaching.  I love teachers.  I treat them VERY well.  I touch them and tell them how pretty they are.  I learned a long time ago that the church isn't going to be offended by your declining a volunteer opportunity by telling them that you have been gifted in another area.  Believe me, they just move you on to a different area of volunteerism.  I believe that they'd rather have someone good at what they do (and not to come down to find all the children tied to their chairs) rather than a warm body as a teacher. 

Hubs had suggested that we work together on a quarterly nature class for the church.  He would teach and I could organize and plan.  We pitched that idea in our e-mail to Rev. Karen.  We'll see if she bites at that offering instead. 

Today, K- and I planted a second planting of peas.  Our peas that we planted previously are about an inch high now.  I was fluffing through the garden with my Garden Claw, only to find that the 4 year old collard green seed I had sown did germinate.  I only plowed over very little, so the iguana should still love his mum.  :)

I ordered Sweet Peas from Baker Creek, too.  It said to sow them 6-8 weeks before the last frost, which should be now.  I weeded and cleared bits of whatnot from the fence area behind our shed and got to planting those.  I'm glad to say that it seems as though the lily transplants from a few years ago seem to have taken just fine, so they should help with erosion on that hill, and the sweet peas will be able to climb the fence and bloom happily for the bees. 

Ooo!  My blazing star, which Chuck the Chipmunk ate down to stumpishness last year, seems to have made it!  It is coming back and I'm so happy.  It is way behind the others in regard to growth, but I'll take what I can get! 

Speaking of Chuck, since we've noticed his fascination to chop down all sunflowers with his tiny chipmunk axe in the middle of the night, I will be putting guards out for the sunflowers once again.  Last year, K- planted and successfully grew to about 2" 12-16 sunflowers.  Only one made it.  :(  This year, I hope to outsmart our furry friend. 

It takes me to tonight.  We've finished dinner, I've got the groceries put away, K- and Hubs are playing Star Wars on some type of video game system and I'm here with you.  That's not folding the laundry, though.  It is also not bedazzling shirts for my nieces.  I must depart to press on.

Have a wonderful day!

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ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Sounds really busy but good! I planted sweet peas from Bakers Creek 2 years ago. They were really pretty :) Enjoy yours!