Friday, April 6, 2012

Chop, chop.

My daughter made a request last week.  "Mom, I'd like to get my hair cut so that I can donate it."  We talked about it and she knew that her longity girl locks would be gone, as donation requires quite a bit of hairs. 

She wanted to do it last Thursday.

They didn't have appointments then.  I figured that was okay, as it let her settle in on that choice for a week.  We rocked both of us a lovely appointment, as my hairs needed a donation chop, too. 

Our heads are lighter.  Hers is 12" lighter and her hair ended up just below her shoulders.  (Girlfriend was rockin' hair to her waist.)  My hair got a 9" chop and it is about shoulder length.  Mind you, it is curly and has a mind of its own.  Somedays it seems longer than others.

Still, K-'s hair will go to Locks of Love.  My hair (actually 2 pony tails since I had one that I neglected to send in-- forgot!) will be going to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  Do you know what my kiddo wants to do?  She wants to grow it all out and do the rinse and repeat.  Bless her heart.  She knows that the hair goes to kids without hair and she is delighted to help.  She has a heaping helping of hair up top, and I'm glad that she made the decision on her own to donate. 

I know, I know.  Y'all want photos, but you know I don't post kiddo's face on the internet!  Trust me, she's cutie patootie.

Have a great weekend!


ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

She's so sweet! Nice work on both your parts. My hair grows so slow that it would take forever to grow out long enough.

Rach said...

She IS a cutie patootie and the new 'do is darling! Love to see yours too, though. :oP

I'm alive and kickin', just barely, and owe you a big ol' email--when I have longer than the sixty seconds I've allotted myself right now...