Thursday, March 1, 2012

When you have a Sam's Club veggie tray that is nearly untouched . . .

My father's birthday celebration was a little sparse on people.  My sister's family (usually numbering 7) didn't attend since my niece's face was blazing a rosie-posieness that my sister could see from the car while she was in the car conga line yesterday afternoon.  Turns out she was rockin' 102.5 F and they were out.  My brother, Billy, didn't attend and I don't quite know why.  Hubs didn't attend because he came home feeling this side of fairly unwell and called me to tell me that he was running a "low grade fever."  I flew through to grab up the dinner offerings, checked the memory on the thermometer and it read "99.2."  I chuckled, yelled bye and went.  It was when I got to my parent's house that I found that there were few people, they had eaten without me and I now toted in a $10.00 veggie tray that was going to go untouched.  I ate some, K- and M- ate some, but 90% of it came home. 

Soup.  When you have a warehouse store size veggie tray, you make soup.  I bought an onion today, pitched in some uncooked brown rice and uncooked barley, everything is pitched into the crock pot with a can of corn (I'm out of frozen), peas and chopped up potatoes.  Frankly, I'm looking forward to the Army-sized vat of soup that I have cooking overnight.  I picked up a round French loaf with everything bits sprinkled on top, so we'll have that with our soup tomorrow night.  Yum!

In other news, after 13 hours of sleep, Hubs woke up and felt like a new man.  Hallelujah!  Since Hubs worked a crazy schedule, he has weird days off this week to make up for it.  Today and tomorrow are a few of those days.  K- had today off because of a teacher in-service day (yes, in the middle of the week, I know) and since I volunteer at the school on Thursdays, I was free.  We decided to do a "we-wun" of Amish Country.  We went down, had the joint to ourselves -- well, mostly.  We enjoyed walking around, checking out some antique stores, having lunch and just taking time.  We weren't rushed and that was fine.  We even stopped at a Goodwill on the way back home and found a few books, a skirt and a pair of school-legal capris for K- to wear.  ($5.00 for all thankyouverymuch!)  We even found a 1953 copy of Little House in the Big Woods for K- for the bargain price of $2.00.  She was busy reading that on the ride home. 

K- is feeling a little off.  She said that she believes that her "allergies are kicking up" so we've started her back on her Claritin.  We kicked in an Oscillo just in case.  She has no fever and just has a stuffy nose.  We're rockin' it and hoping all is well. 

My house is beginning to smell like soup.  It'll be hot and ready to pack in K-'s lunch in the morning.  I'll have a hot lunch when I arrive home.  How I love soup!

Have a great day!


ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Enjoy your soup!! Sounds yummy. Allergies are starting early this year due to the weather. I'm keeping an eye on J. Right now he has a cold that triggered his asthma :( Hopefully allergies aren't adding to the issue. I hate to medicate him unless I know for sure, but maybe I'll try over the weekend and see if the Zyrtec (store brand since the real is still under recall) gives him any relief.

Rach said...

I'll be right over for some of that soup. I'll be there by what, 5 am? ;o)

Allergies are upon us. Before I know it we'll be rockin' the Nasonex and Zyrtec once more. Whoopie!

Bailey's Leaf said...

The pot of soup was big enough for all of you to come over!

I had to start my meds for allergies and I just bought Smudge's flea meds. Won't be doing the 5-6 week run on those, nosiree! We'll be following a strict 4 weeks schedule. Fleas are going to be far too bad this year and if you've ever gone through an infestation once, you never want to return again. Yarg!

Tissues up! Meds on! Spring, here we come!