Thursday, March 8, 2012

They actually had to post a sign.

I was at school and saw two signs on the doors.  Our doors are locked down (as I believe everyone's are at this point) and one sign was giving directions on how to get buzzed in.  Many people are just shy of tossing themselves against the door.  I guess that the smaller sign wasn't quite bold enough. 

The second sign is what made me laugh.  It says something to the effect of, "When picking up your child/ren, please discontinue any cell phone use until after.  Please wear proper attire when coming into the school." In parentheses it states something about proper attire to go out into public and to conduct business and something to the effect of pajamas not being that. 

They also had to state the need for photo ID needed when retrieving a child. 

I was talking with the secretary and said, "You know, I'm sure that it was something really good that prompted the signs on the door.  I'm not digging for dirt because it isn't my business, but I can only figure that you guys would be able to write volumes."

"You have no idea.  The PTA should really consider buying me a camera."

'Nuff said.


Rach said...

We had the ladies downtown that would come in with their hair in rollers, wearing their pajamas and slippers. Yup. We saw it all downtown. :oP

Bailey's Leaf said...

We aren't downtown though. It is amazing that there will be parents who drop their kids off and pick them up in the same pajamas, bed head and all. When I walk to the bus stop, I may have my pajama shirt on UNDER my coat, but it certainly isn't visible to the public. I also have never and will never walk to the bus stop in jammie pants. My shoes may be untied, but they are shoes and not slippers. Oh, and I don't have the cell phone strapped to my head.

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

No PJ's for me at drop off. I go with bed head (in a ponytail to try and camouflage it)but I figure I can at least throw on some yoga pants and a T-shirt. I learned my lesson the hard way.
One time I went in workout shorts and t-shirt. Not bad in itself, but I added yard boots as shoes because I figured "Hey, I'm not getting out of the car". That was the day M got out of the car and ran off without shutting the door. I had to get out in that get up in front of the drop off line to shut the door (I screamed and screamed at him to come back but apparently he didn't hear me). Yea, not cute.
I may not be pretty but at least I match now ;) And I wear appropriate footwear.
No cell phone here either.