Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tales from the Trenches: Friendships gone Facebook.

Hubs and I don't do Facebook.  No offense to all who do, but we're anti-Facebook. 

Y'all, we're in a minority.

There have been several occasions in the recent years that I've found out about different happenings with family and friends long after, because I was told, "Oh, I posted that on Facebook."  They forget that I'm not one of a number of friends that they have on Facebook, so thus I'm left in the dust.  I don't mean to make it all about me, but I miss the days that the telephone would ring and tell me the latest news with that member of my family or a friend. 

Don't get me wrong.  I understand Facebook being convenient and people getting together with people that they haven't seen in moons because of Facebook.  I've also see the other side where a friend actually lost her job because of Facebook. 

I've missed baby pictures.

I've missed job updates.

I've missed family updates.

I've missed requests for prayer.

I've missed praises.

I've missed frustration regarding class situations with one of K-'s friends.

I've recently missed information regarding a friend's mission trip abroad. 

I've missed a lot of things. 

How do you feel about Facebook?  Do you miss things?


Rach said...

I definitely miss out on things, and sometimes I miss my "friends" I wouldn't keep up with otherwise. Buuut, I don't miss the drama. Oh dear lord, the family drama.

Robin remembers I'm not on the book of faces and sends me photos of the baby. My friend Courtney (the one who just had a baby) knows I'm not on and remembers and keeps me posted.

So, I guess it comes down to how sad I am to be missing out--the good versus the bad. The bad was pretty bad for me so I'm happy not to have FB to worry about. My family stressed me out WAY too much. There was a lot of oversharing. A lot of drama. A lot of "oh, pay attention to me I need some love NOW".

Nope, don't need it. You can have it. :shakes head:

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

I'm on Facebook and I still miss things ;) The information is only as good as your "friends". I only joined it for WEGO Health but even though I don't work for them anymore, I still keep up with food allergy information on line. It helps me. I would miss important information if I wasn't on it.
I share things, but believe me, you aren't missing anything from me. You actually know something about me that Facebook does not. Usually important things I share on Facebook I share on the blog too.
The other stuff I share is 1. News articles 2. Food allergy information 3. Random dumb updates (i.e. "Sitting at Tae Kwon Do and falling asleep". You don't really need or care to know that, do you?? :D)
Facebook is a time suck.

Rach said...

I second Janeen on the time suck. It absolutely is.

Anonymous said...

The blog is very similiar. I miss things if I don't read your blog. FB is a multi way street. --AK