Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I've been up to my eyeballs in fundraiser stuff for the school. The fundraiser did fantastically well, but there is a lot of finalization of prizes and whatnot that need to be dealt with. I think that the kids will be happy with the items that I have chosen for them, but I can't wait to get that all wrapped up.

I have been on the quest to lose 20 pounds and so far, I am down 5. I've stuck to my Lenten sacrifice of no eating after dinner, though I admit that I'm definitely hungry much. Not only that, but I have really put a concerted effort into eating better and again, most of the time I'm just plain starved. I've found that in giving up evening eating, I can now see what mindless snacking that I was guilty of.

Hubs called yesterday and said, "Bring something home for dinner." K- was so sad when I came in with a prescription, some Puffs for the allergy suffering Hubs, but no premade grocery offerings. In 20 minutes, I had turkey bacon sandwiches made with cottage cheese on lettuce cups. It was delightful. I treated myself to a serving of frozen Greek Yogurt and all was well.

Still :grumbly in my tumbly: I'm hungry. I'll get used to the cut down of food eventually.

Weather is in the high 60's and we have high tree pollen to match. Thank goodness for good allergy drugs!

ETA: Darn that Kindle and the auto correct. Sometimes it blops the weirdest things in there. I think that I managed to correct the few weird "corrections" it made. Sorry! I was blogging at lunch!


Rach said...

When I began my healthier me quest, I started logging every bite of food I put in my mouth. Holy smokes was I mindlessly eating--the crusts from sandwiches, uneaten bits and bobs from the girls' plates, a snitch here a snack there. Whoa!

I spent the first week feeling like I was dying, my tummy was constantly rumbly. Now more than a reasonable size portion of food stuffs me to the gills. I also try to drink lots of water when the rumbling strikes. :o)

Sissy said...

We are trying to eat healthier in our house as well, and not to eat as much in front of the TV. I will admit that because my lunch is only about 20 minutes at school (between two classes) that I never get enough lunch and am starving at dinnertime.

Our school lunches are nothing like what you describe. While they do come on a styrofoam tray, nothing is in cellophane. Our superintendent is about to do away with the chocolate milk though, which is going to make some kids UNhappy, I'll tell you.

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Glad the fundraiser went well.
Good for you on the 5 pounds!! I try to eat healthier too. I gave up chips for Lent and I realize how much I rely on them for mindless eating. Every time I get the munchies my mind goes to chips. I'm thinking we should just dump those from the house altogether.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Chips? It is why I don't buy them. :crunch, crunch: