Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A couple of days off school.

K- was sent home from school on Monday with a rockin' stomach ache.  She had one on Sunday off and on, but we thought it was the donut she ate.

She still had the rockin' ache on Tuesday morning, so we gave her a day home.  She reported that she was feeling better and had promised me that without any morning strife, she would go off to school.

Then 3:30 AM happened.

Some sound woke me up and I sat up to look at K- (I can see her bed from my side of the bed-- we have a small house.)  I didn't see her.  I checked the room and nothing.  I went to go down the hall and heard her call from the bathroom.  She was letting me know that she'd be there for a while.  She was having a middle of the night flush of her digestive tract.  Good times.  Dances with Lysol was done.  Thankfully, there was no need for replay.

Obviously, I kept the child home again today.  The thought of some type of catastrophic bathrooming accident happening at school didn't sit well with either one of us.  She's laid low, but has a pileacious stack o' work to do.  To boot, I believe that the teacher has neglected to tell me that there will be a math test.  She doesn't generally inform the parents, but she's nice to inform me.  Crap.  Test prep on top of two days of work.

Good times here.

Now pardon me as I oversee homework and spend the next two hours making a Mom Practice Test.  We only do fun stuff on days off here at the House of Bailey's Leaf.  Fun times indeed.

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