Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Celebrating with people we love.

So excited to celebrate with Janeen at Our Story (our sweet cousin) and Heather (a blogless friend-- can you imagine?!) that they are both expecting babies!  Janeen is due very near my birthday, so I've asked that she consider holding on.  (Yeah, like that's gonna happen, but she's been known to hold babies after due date.)  Baby will be joining two very excited brothers.  Heather is expecting their 4th and is scrambling to work out a house plan that will fit another human into their living space.  She's expecting sometime in October. 

As a mama who the traditional route of mommyhood didn't come by so easily for, both of these ladies know the story and know that I hold my breath until they get past the 22 1/2 week time frame.  I tell y'all, I respect women with interiors that bake and hold babies for the allotted time frame.  (Not that I don't respect other women for other things, but y'all know where I'm going with this.) 

In other baby news ('cause we get surrounded by those baby bits, don't we?), Hubs' cousin and his wife are expecting the arrival of baby Cooper this Saturday.  Mama is an ER resident at a local hospital and updated Facebook (it was sent to me since you read about my Facebooklessness yesterday) that she had delivered 12 babies in 5 days and most of those women weren't as far along as she was.  Cooper will be joining his sisters, A- and E-.  So happy for them and hoping that L- can take a spot of time off to be rested mama for a few.  I tell you, they juggle everything and it is amazing.  I have no idea how L- and B- do it all. 

Babies, babies everywhere!


Rach said...

Janeen!!! I'm SOOOOO excited and happy for you and your family!! Congratulations! :o)

And, congratulations to Heather and her family as well! :o)

I too seem to be surrounded by babies these days! It seems I've made so many baby cards in the past few weeks...

Prayers for healthy pregnancies and mamas and babies.

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Thank you my dear cousin and Rach! We're excited.
Praying for all the new babies:)