Thursday, February 16, 2012

Posting in 4 minutes or less.

Hello.  I've missed you.

I'm alive.  I'm just excessively busy. 

K- was walking down the hall yesterday and her other big front tooth fell out of her mouth and bounced onto the floor.  She found it, dropped it and found it again.  Given that the school has that industrial pebble and resin flooring of the 60's, I'm sure that thing was hard to find.  The tooth fairy brought her Bahamian money and a $2.00 bill.  The tooth fairy thought that the $2.00 bill would be a particularly nice touch given the presidential report that is due next week on Thomas Jefferson.

K- has been feeling better after her weekend of funk, though today she's complained about a stomach ache all day.

We are lacking in a winter and it has been raining much of the day.  Rain in the winter just means that everything is terribly sloppy.

My bathroom is partially cleaned, the bed is stripped with sheets in the laundry, laundry is separated and I don't know what I'm having for dinner.

With that, it leaves me out of time.  Must keep myself on a tight schedule as I have too much to do.

Have a great day!


Rach said...

Good to hear from you! :o)

Lil just yanked out another tooth--it's still bleeding. Joy. I have no idea what the TF will be bringing this time. I wish our TF had a cool supply of foreign coins like yours does. That is SO awesome!

Take lots of photos of K with that big gaping hole in her mouth. It's one of my favorite looks (and sounds, lol! I've been loving the way Lil talks of late).

We're with you on the lack of winter. The bugs are going to be unbearable this summer. :oS

Bailey's Leaf said...

Oy, the bugs. Yes, we've been talking about that. The last time we had a winter like this was when K- was 18 months old. Smudge, an indoor only cat, ended up infested with fleas that found K- rather tasty. I battled the fleas all summer long. (Couldn't flea bomb because K- being so young and Hubs with previous asthma problems.) It was horrible and they ate her alive.

I shall start flea treatment soon (must order it now, I'm thinking) and keep on it faithfully every month. Yarg.