Saturday, February 18, 2012

My version of the Pinterest wreath: Rachael made me do it.

Nah.  In all defense for Rachael, she didn't make me do anything.  She did give me text advisement while I was at the store and texted her a picture of my child holding a styrofoam wreath blank and questioning, "Is this right?" 

While I never actually looked at the Pinterest link (or pin or whatever you call it), I checked Rachael's out.  As an artist, I generally take a bit of liberty with things, as it is not in my ability to copy anything exactly at all.  I even change recipes a little.  The store I was at had pretty sad-sack colors of eyelash and didn't have the green wreath blank without it being as an Advent form.  Hers is way fluffier, which I like but I'm pleased with how ours turned out.  At any rate, here's my version of Rachael's Pinterest wreath:
My wreath consisted of a 12" white styrofoam wreath, not even an entire skein of rose colored flapper yarn (thicker lash and shorter hairs than traditional eyelash), felt flowers, a couple of pearl- ended pins and less than a yard of grosgrain that I already had.  Materials were $5.50 with tax.  It did take me 2 (towards the end very long) hours.  It took me that long, because I was very finicky about how the lash laid down and made sure that it was untangled and flat with every wrap.  I would wrap and tuck the next wrap under the previous lash.  It is very soft!  I have it knotted on the back with the original start pin.  I've since added an additional Command adhesive clear hook and clear elastic to tie it and to keep it on center.  (It's the artist thing again.) 

Voila.  We love it and it brightens up our door.  I figured since we didn't have a winter this year, I may as well roll on to spring decorations already.

Now to get my fingers into some dirt.  I couldn't wait any longer and purchased some seed starting soil and organic tomato seeds.  I won't start those now, but I will start the flowers.  I want the whole front in lovely zinnias.  They did so well last year and looked gorgeous!  Eeee!


ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

FUN! I'm going to have to try this. I have my St. Patrick's wreath up but I need a new one for spring.
I just followed some of Rach's boards on pinterest. I love finding fun craft ideas (even if I'm craft-challenged).

Rach said...

It really did come out SO wonderful! I love the sassy springy-ness of the pink wreath with those sweet felt flowers. Fantastic! :o)

Janeen, these wreaths are so so so easy to make even the craft-challenged can make one. :o)