Thursday, February 23, 2012

Harvest for Hunger Campaign: Set a plate for Kate.

Oh, this made me cry.  The school that K- goes to is at 50% poverty level.  The children in K-'s school district from K - grade 5 are provided with breakfast and a hot lunch each school day, should they choose to take advantage of it.  Though this is the Harvest for Hunger campaign that our Northeast Ohio county takes part in.  Perhaps a local food pantry/cupboard or food bank in your area could use a little bit of your help or could help you. 


Rach said...

We were a 99% free/reduced lunch school. I saw things and heard things that made me cry. I had kids who panicked when summer was approaching because there would be no more breakfast or lunch--sometimes the only meals they got that day.

Fasting yesterday really made me think about that and how lucky we are to have food in our house. Lily takes up a couple of cans of food or cereal for our food bank every Sunday during offering. It's not much, but we're trying to do our part.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Every can and every box counts. Truly. Just don't make it from 1999 like the box of Hamburger Helper that was donated last year during the school canned food drive. There is kindness and then there is just gross. :S