Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tales from the Trenches: Inventory-sminventory.

It's like A Christmas Story all over again.

Double beatloaf,
I hate meatloaf.

Only in my case it is:

I hate inventory.

We're a mom and pop.

We inventory by hand.


One person reads.

One person writes.

Each. and. every. thing.

We touch it.

We read it.

We dot it.

We log it.

It is mind-numbing. 

On a completely different story, my neighbor called to tell me that he made spaghetti squash for us.  He made an Alfredo half and a spaghetti sauce half.  I should be embarrassed to say that I just ate an entire half of a spaghetti squash.  I called to tell him how good it was and he said, "You ate all that?!"  Well, I ate and it was good and I was watching Dirty Jobs and before I knew it, I hit the bottom of the bowl. 

I'm wondering how half a squash is going to settle in my digestive tract. 

On another good news front (not my potential digestive distress, but a wonderful neighbor-made meal), K- reported that, "GOOD NEWS, MOM!  I CAN RUN AGAIN!"  Her foot is feeling a-okay, and that is great news.  "See, K-!  You did what Dr. P- told you to do and you are all better again!"  I was glad to hear it.

So, I'm off.  I've drawn a bath, my people will be home soon and I have some math to tutor K- through.  Apparently, she reports that it is rather tough. 

Have a wonderful evening!

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Rach said...

How tediously awful and mind numbing. I'm SO sorry.

Thank goodness K's foot is feeling better. There is nothing worse than being a carefree kiddo who can't be because of an injury.

And, spaghetti squash? Made by someone else? Sign me up!