Thursday, January 19, 2012

A snowstorm at rush hour.

A good name for the next in the Magic Tree House series? 

In Ohio, you know that an occasional snowstorm comes.  We drove out to meet up with Hubs for a segment to be taped of him and K-.  Yes, my people will be TV stars.  At any rate, we were in the snow belt.  Alrighty then.  Snow is coming down, coming down and coming down some more.  The taping lasted for an hour.  Hubs sounded wonderful and K- did a bang up job.  Truly, I was proud of both of them.  We hopped in the cars and headed on the way home.  Since gas was a good 10 cents cheaper out in the 'ville where most things moo or neigh, we opted to get my half tank need replenished there. 

Then came the roads.  Sweet Pete, you'd think that there wasn't a plow in sight.  There was one-- right ahead of us.  Visibility wasn't so bad most of the time, but the roads were rather dreadful.  Once we reached just up the road from our house, it was like an unplowed parking lot.  For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, just know it isn't fun.  Also know that pushing a cart through parking lot sludge ranks as much worse. 

So do the stains that you get all the way up the backs of your legs. 

At any rate, we made it.  It took K- and I a half hour to get out to our taping destination and an hour to get back.  When the mileage approximation billboards (what do you call those things?) say that it will take 32 minutes to go 7 miles on a highway that is 60 MPH plus, you know that it's gonna be a little ugly.  Still, we have driven through worse.  Last year, there was a snowstorm that closed down a section of the highway and by the true Grace of God did Hubs and K- get to skinny around it and track through the back roads before they got trapped.  Some people were stuck for 8 hours or better. 

It takes us to tonight.  We are all home.  K- and I have taken our baths.  We'll be playing a game or two.  We'll eagerly await the segment which will air "between 10-11 PM" and be extremely thankful that tomorrow she has no school.  (Records day.)  How could we not allow her to stay up?  That would be mean. 

Hubs is downstairs working out.  He'll be at it for another few hours.  In the meantime, all those weights clanging around is making me hungry.  Drat.  Perhaps some popcorn.  That's healthier than the cookies that I know that I shouldn't be eating. 

Be safe!  Be well! 

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

Glad you all made it safely. The news last night said we should get 9 inches tonight. I truly hope they are wrong :(