Monday, January 30, 2012

More fodder for the blog.

A speedy post.

1.  Aunt Donna is going in for her lung biopsy this AM.  I'll let you know what I know, but currently I have nothing.  I can tell you that her roommate had given the nurses a run for their money and at 93, she tried to break the wrist of one, a finger of the other and that sent Aunt Donna into the hall yelling for help.  The cavalry came running and they were able to free their co-workers, to which they all decided that Aunt Donna needed a private room.  Too much drama.

2.  We are attending a lovely church with services and classes for the little ones.  Why is it that one lady insists on bringing her grandson with her on the Sunday a month she has him?  Apparently, his parents came along this week with two others in tow.  We had an adult class with three children 4 and under, being liquored up with coffee (regular) by their grandmother.  They were ripping the tree apart (they seasonally decorate a tree in there), so the one lady just directed the ripping into switching the theme.  They were flying around with large candy canes in hand and smacking things.  It is hard to pay attention when kids are running like crazy in a class that they don't belong in.

3.  Remember the dinosaur guy from Mrs. Doubtfire?  I think that he is alive and well at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  :snore:  K- liked him and got a lot out of it.  I had to walk away before I fell asleep standing up. 

4.  Why do people have to ask questions involving swear words to interpreters that are conducting a program FOR CHILDREN?  I mean, is it necessary to ask what will happen if the animal gets pi$s#d off?  Really? 

5.  My husband thinks that I need to become a recluse out in some remote place in Montana.  There are days I just don't like the public a ton.  I told him that my lack of grace prevents me from being too far from a doctor.

Must go get ready for work.  That's all the time I have.


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