Monday, January 9, 2012

Lovely weekendish things.

I've been a busy girl, leaving me with little time to blog. 

1.  Friday was the first day of the book pass for 100 Book Challenge.  I had five kids that earned books that were able to come down.  From now through the end of the year, I will be doing the early Friday morning gig.  It was nice to have the break, but I'm glad to share in the successes of the kids at school.

2.  K- had her 8 year check on Friday.  I was glad that we had that appointment already, as when she got off the bus, she was limping.  Turns out that she was playing with the kids on the playground, ended up tripping over a ball that inadvertently rolled her way and she cranked hard on her ankle.  She was in a lot of pain and it was confirmed that she did not break it.  However, it was one of those, "Go home and keep it up with ice."  Advil, which isn't often used, was administered.  I tell you, if we hadn't had the appointment, I would have probably ended up in the ER.  We were able to discuss K-'s growth which is, "On her same curve."  She is 4' 4" and no doubt will be passing me up very soon.  Stomach aches were discussed and while it is, "Probably a part of her personality," since we discussed her anxieties about school and whatnot, if they continue, it was suggested that we keep a food journal.  She is healthy and that is a great thing.

3.  Hubs' exhibit at work had been featured in two papers (he was interviewed for them) and a Cleveland station had come out to interview him.  He passed them on to his boss (he was wishing that he knew about the interview since he hadn't shaved and said that he would have worn nicer clothes), so he panicked and had K- and I come out to volunteer for 4 hours on Saturday.  We had 110 people while we were there, which was a good group, but Hubs was afraid that he would have 500 people with only him and a volunteer.

4.  We're learning more and more about the Methodist church each week we attend.  This week, they explained how they observe Epiphany.  I never knew what it was, but now I know. 

5.  I made a rockin' pot of ham and bean soup for dinner for Sunday and K- made a lovely batch of cornbread.  Yum!

6.  Even though it was only 38 F, Hubs washed the cars.  The road salt was beyond horrible.  It was sunny, so at least that part cooperated.

7.  K- and I were able to enjoy the first two episodes of Little House on the Prairie's Season 1.  (Hubs bought it for me for Christmas.) 

We had a fantastic weekend.  We hope that you did, too!

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Rach said...

There you are!! I was hoping everything was okay. Whew!

You had mentioned K's appointment and then I didn't hear from you and I got a bit worried.

I'm SO sorry K rolled her ankle--that is the WORST. Lordy that hurts something fierce.

Epiphany? Yup. It's a good thing. :o) It's funny how much my Methodist upbringing transferred over to my Catholicism conversion. :o)

Yay for Hubs, the interviews and his program!

What a wonderful weekend!! :o)