Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A list! Things you didn't want to know about the last few days.

1. I'm new at blogging from the Kindle and their auto-correct is hilarious. Yes, I know that there is an empty 10, but I couldn't figure out how to get the Kindle to scroll down the rest of the way. I can tell you what it was, though. Our crocus' seem to be confused. The warm weather has made them peek their heads above the soil.

2. I always have the habit of checking the public bathroom when I open the store. After the weekend, I can sometimes find some lovelies in there. At Christmas, I found that someone flushed an air freshened. It was those little gel balls and someone emptied it into the toilet. I have no idea what possessed them to do that. Monday, I came in to find a "gift" on the floor. Wow,that started my day off grrrreat!

3. I'm eating a cold lunch because my coworker has to heat each thing individually and it literally takes 10 minutes for her to do it. Think I'm kidding, just ask Nicole!

4. I have a coworker who needs to seriously retire.

5. My bio dad felt the need to hug me today in front of a roomful of strangers and to loudly announce that he loves me. I told him that I loved him just to make the awkwardness stop.

6. It was warm enough outside yesterday to lie on the sidewalk and enjoy the warmth.

7. The windows were open at the house all day yesterday.

8. Since this post is several days in the making, so my aunt's update comes here. The breast lumpectomy was done today. It was successful, they believe that they got everything and the lymph nodes that were removed appear to test fine at this moment.

9. The smell of my grandfather's cherry tobacco pipe enveloped me at one point. I felt Poppy's presence and boy did I need that. That was yesterday and I was a bit fatigued from all of the stuff with my aunt.



ChupieandJ'smama said...

Someone left you a present on the floor? That's beyond wrong. I know you work in a lovely store (e-mail me the name again because I don't think it's the place I was thinking of...), and I don't know what would possess someone to do that.
I'm glad that the lumpectomy went well. I'm hoping that they got it all too. I kept Aunt Donna in mind today while I prayed the rosary.
As far as bio dad goes, I'm not sure what to say. I'd like to say maybe he's trying. Of course I only know bits and pieces so I can't be totally sure of that. I guess I'd take it for what it's worth and be glad it was " I love you" and not something else.
My front door is open as I type. Loving this weather and wish it would stay :)

Rach said...

Um, really about the bathroom? Really? I taught in an elementary school, and even THEY didn't mess up the floor. Now, the sink was another story...but that was up in the middle school with stupid boys. :oS

Oh my. Good times with bio dad. *cringe*

Pipe tobacco and love from beyond? Always a wonderful thing. :o) I'm happy you had that moment.

My bulbs and daylilies are all sorts of confused. It was 70 yesterday for pete's sake. :eye roll: Where's winter???

Bailey's Leaf said...

Thank you for praying for Aunt Donna. All my other stuff (p!o!o!p included) was extraneous, of course.

The power of prayer is quite a miraculous thing.