Friday, November 18, 2011

Allergies and the Honor Roll

First off, I was at the Allergist's office for the hour and a half that they promised, with a bonus trip to the lab for IgE and Bee Venom RAST blood testing.  (Decoding here would be great, Janeen.  I know the IgE thing, but need more info on RAST.)  Skin testing came up with nothing, but the doctor was concerned about the reaction I had with the bee sting, made sure I had an Epi, gave me more information on that and a disk to view about it.  He was a rather lovely gentleman.  That office was very busy.  Allergies are a big business!

They had TV.  Hooray!  It was on allergy shots.  Boo. 

I went straight from my appointment to the school (with a mid-stop at Wendy's.  Thank goodness, as Kay and I didn't get to eat anything after that.)  We had the book fair today.  I sold books from 2:30-6:30 PM and I'm beat.

I did have a conference with K-'s teacher.  She has three A's and two B's.  She's on Honor Roll!  Her reading is where she needs to be (as the teacher informed me that due to the MAZE scale that they have, they can confirm whether the kids are being worked with at home.  They don't doubt that we work with K-.)  An interesting thing that came about from the conference was that Mrs. B- told K- to stop using Touch Math.  I talked to Mrs. B- about it last week and told her that now that they are using Touch Math, K- seems to have forgotten her math facts.  She said that she raises her hand all the time now and has shot so far ahead, just by her telling her to stop using it.  Mrs. B- told me that if I ever see anything that comes up like that, to let her know.  A major improvement happened with her work by simply talking to the teacher in the hall. 

Mr. B-, the principal, told me that K- was "Caught being good" and that she is to come down to the Principal's office tomorrow to get a prize.  Her teacher turned her in for being so thoughtful and helpful.  :)!!!  They'll take her photo with the other children that were caught being good this month and their pictures will be posted on a bulletin board in the hall all year.  HOORAY! 

I'm beat, but today was a good day.

Have a great night.  Smiles are above.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hello, Allergy doctor.

How are you this fine day?  You say that you want to give me pokes to my arms and to see what bubbles up in reaction?  :pushing sleeves up:  Okay.

Today is the day that I find out what I'm allergic to and more importantly, get down to the details of the bee thing. 

I don't like being poked.

I don't plan on watching. 

I wonder if they have TV.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Public irritations.

Dear General Public,

When I put the air freshener in the public bathroom at work last week (bought out of my own pocket), never did I think that it would be emptied and flushed within a week.  Really?  I'm thinking that the little beads were flushed since I've found the evidence no where else.  Is it sad that we've had to shove another in its place behind the toilet so that we don't have to smell the funk that emits, and yet, be assured that someone won't make the dumb decision again to flush them? 

When I took my daughter to the shoe department at Target last night for a quick run at some holiday shoes, I had to explain to her why there were funky shoes left under her bench and no one around that seemed to have needed them.  "Babe, they left their shoes behind and put on new from here.  They decided that they needed a change of shoes and thought that Target should provide that to them."  She was mortified.  She wanted to tell the "worker" that was in the other aisle, but the damage had been done and no one was around that would have qualified for that type of shoe.  Thanks for giving me yet another opportunity to teach my child that people look at things, decide that they want them and take them.  Truly, the boat trailer being taken off the back of my truck while my husband was floating on a boat at the lake really didn't drive that lesson home quite enough. 

As we were straightening the store, Julia found that someone decided that they had to have a $3.00 badge holder.  They took the tags off and tucked them in under merchandise.  Did someone steal it out of need or out of the wondering if they could get away with it?  All I could say was that it wasn't putting real good energy out there for them in regard to job security. 

When there is an area of a store blocked off, that would mean that customers probably shouldn't go there, right?  Yes, well, I guess that the block makes it more intriguing and people feel that they have the right to go there.  I had some mirrors and different items on the floor and on a display case yesterday.  We have a rolling library cart and I had it blocking the area that I was working in.  I went to get something, came back and found two ladies walking through my mess.  "Oh ladies!  I'm so sorry.  I had this blocked off as it is kind of dangerous back here.  Is there anything that I can get for you?"  "No, we were just looking."  "I'm so sorry.  I blocked this area off, as the items tend to grab peoples feet while they walk by.  I'm so sorry that I didn't put a note on the cart."  I put a note on the cart and as I was working, I had someone rolling the cart and saying at the same time, "Do you mind if I come back here?"  (It was a smallish area, probably 5' x 5' at that point."  "Yes, actually.  Let me move these things on the floor.  I have this area blocked off so that I can keep customers safe.  I have a note on the cart, because I don't want anyone to fall."  "OH!"  :thunks to the forehead:  Really?  Julia battled the same problem the other day.

When we have an opening, we have a cup count.  How many people had food and drink and felt the need to leave the empty cups in a display? 

When people shop and leave a pile of wrapped packages visible in the back window of their car, they are begging people to break into their vehicle.  STOP DOING THAT! 

Folks, please stop crop dusting.  I mean, really.  I get that sometimes y'all might have something sneak out, but the front room stunk so bad the other day that I had to open up the door to be able to breathe.  What was going on up there was air deposited by force.  There are outdoor gardens.  Please oh please, take that air to the great outdoors where it isn't going to linger.

I know it is difficult, but if you just put your car between the painted lines, there would be more room for the rest of us.  Just sayin'.

Why yes, thank you for considering my safety when nearly backing over me in the parking lot.  It's not like I was sneaking in behind you.  I was there before you were.

I'm not normally this crabby.  People had bugged me and I needed to let this list go.

Smiles in my day:
-  K-, having a rotten stomach ache compliments of antibiotics and strep, thanked me for calling the doctor to see if there was anything we can do and said, "Mom, I'm just going to have to get used to it."  Sadly, for now, that's the way it will be.  I'm thinking that knowing that she's just going to have to sweat this one out means that she isn't going to obsess about it quite as much.  It has fallen into the category of it-is-what-it-is. 
-  Hubs came home early from work because he wasn't feeling well.  K- wanted to buy him a "sick prize."  (He buys them for us, as I have a singing apple that he purchased for me in July.)  She decided that he must have the Operation R2D2.  (No, we didn't pay nearly that for it.)  Sadly, he took AAA instead of AA and we have to play it tonight instead.
-  My MIL had dinner for me when I picked K- up.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tales from the Trenches: Alligator ankles

My love and I were sitting on the couch the other evening, watching TV.  I saw him look over kind of weird.  He reached down real slow and with one finger, rubbed on my ankle bone.  He sat back up, grabbed the bottle of hand lotion he hand nearby, got a squirt, then very gently rubbed some on said ankle bone with one very delicate finger. 

"Well, can you at least check my other?" 

"That one's fine.  The other one is rather dry."

It seems like a weird thing, but there was my husband, armed with lotion and taking care of my calloused ankle bone needs.  It made me giggle and after nearly 15 years, I know that he still pays attention, even to little things.

Smiles in my day:
-  I was able to talk to my brother.  He phoned, told me that he's wearing (what I refer to as) a Lindsay Lohan bracelet and has a GPS strapped to his back.  He's thankful to be out, spent 8 days, "Reading more of the bible than I have in 27 years." 
-  The neighbor made soup and had me run over (between horrible storms) to grab some to put in K-'s lunch today.
-  Having K- eat a piece of bread right after taking her antibiotic seems to be helping her stomach ache.
-  I stood for 8 hours straight yesterday and my foot didn't hurt at all.  That, my friends, is a miracle itself. 

Have a great day!

Monday, November 14, 2011

A big pile of many things.

Accomplished, that is.

This weekend, despite the illness that had overtaken K-'s throat, was quite busy for Hubs and me.  We worked in the yard, cleaning through some of the plants, Hubs worked on clearing the shed out, ditching unneeded stuff (mainly Pergo remnants from last year) and reset everything.  I got the mums planted, trimmed up the ivy that was overtaking one of the basement windows, trimmed up the old mums and the attack rose bush, was finally able to take down the last tomato plant, drained the rain barrel and stowed that away, trimmed the peonies down to the ground, helped Hubs haul leaves for pick-up and helped to get the outside furniture picked up for winter storage.  Whew.

:side note:  K- is feeling back to her ole self.  I should have probably put that first.

I had a goal to have the Christmas card done this weekend.  I had an incident with our photo program about 2 months ago, where I had (what turned out to be 10,993 photos) photos in limbo that I could not find.  You see, we replaced our Kodak Easy Share printer (don't buy one, they are horrible) with a lovely Epson Work Force 630 (I could kiss it and tell it how nice it is to me).  When I removed the Kodak printer out of the computer, it decided to take all of Kodak off and took my Easy Share camera software with it.  That is the software that I use with the Nikon and I had years of photos (many on disk, but not since last Christmas!) that I just could not find after the program decided to take hostages with it. 

I was hating on Kodak Easy Share anyhow, but that really ticked me off.
Back to the subject at hand, right?  Well, I decided that if I re-installed the Kodak Easy Share camera software, perhaps God would smile on me and put the photos back in their proper creature home.

God is good.  He did smile.  My photos are back.  :deep sigh of relief:

It took quite a while to re-install and to import the photos back into the program.  Since the program has had an update or 10 since I originally had it, I fumbled with the workings.  After hours, and I mean hours, of work, I was able to get all the photos off the Nikon, combine photos that I pulled, burn a disk and download them to Shutterfly.  Because I failed to read the fine print, I designed a card that didn't qualify for my free 50 cards, so I had to readjust.  I went ahead and designed a few cards last night, but decided that I would order the cards this AM, when I had a fresh brain.  (We skipped church because of K-'s strep.)  What card did Hubs and I decide on? 

The merry moments collage Christmas card!  You can also get it with green blocks instead of black.
I'm thrilled.  Since what I chose was a flat stationery card, I could give a quick run-down on the back of the card and include one more photo of our family.  It negates the need for the holiday Christmas letter. 

:side note:  Yes, Aunt Patti, I know your fondness of the letter.  I tell you, I got quite a whisker lickin' for the letter last year as I had three women at a family dinner tell me about how depressing my letter was.  It wasn't my aim to list depressing things and have people all funky about them.  My aim was that though crappy crap happened, we were all taken care of, everyone is well and all is good.  Besides, Grandma was dying and I wasn't as chipper as I usually am.  Still, I had people give me a very hard time.  Sheesh.

Now that I have Aunt Patti's note all handled (hi, Aunt Patti!!!), I shall share with you the dealie-do of the day.  I purchased 65 cards.  Of those 65 cards, I had 50 + shipping provided to me for free from Shutterfly for blogging about their Holiday card selection.  I had no problem doing that, of course.  Then, when I received K-'s school photos, there was a $20.00 code for Shutterfly included in there.  On the remaining 15 cards, I was able to apply the 40% discount sale that they are currently running and the $20.00 credit, which left me a balance of $7.05 for a little over $200.00.  Hubs was impressed.  His second question was, "Do people really spend that much for their cards?"  "Yes, there are some.  I'm not one of them."  My sister told me that I was her hero.  God bless her.

I'm now left with a bathroom to clean and laundry to fold and! to put away.  Hubs has been quite the man today and in Mike Holmes style, he pulled the entire dryer and lines out, cleaned them all and put everything back together.  The dryer is running so much faster now.  It really needed a good clean-out and Hubs spent a few hours doing an awesome job.  Now he's tidying the basement.  What a man!

Dinner is in the crock pot and if you'll excuse me, I have a date with a toilet bowl brush. 

Have a wonderful day!