Saturday, June 25, 2011


I was running a quick check over the bank account and noticed that my phone bill was about $20. more than usual.  I pulled it up and gave it a brief glance.

Payment One - $18.09  What the heck is that?

I went ahead and called Payment One.  I spoke to a woman going by the name of Karen who did end up crediting the charges back to me.  (To be credited back in a month or two.  Nice.)  She did question whether Hubs was the one to okay the charges for Extreme Web TV.  Um, no.  Dude doesn't answer the phone. 

I blog today as a public service.  I thought last night that there has to be a way to prevent third parties from charging authorized charges to my phone bill.  When I talked to Brian at AT&T today, he confirmed that.  There is an anti-slamming paper that they are going to send out to me so that Hubs and I can fill it out and send it back.  It takes effect on the next billing cycle.  Since our land line is only used as a land line and not for anything else, there is no other reason we should have any additional charges.  (We even dropped long distance years ago since we have the cell phones.)  There is a bundle that was available for call waiting/caller ID and phone service for $1.00 cheaper than what we currently pay.  I thought it was grand and changed our service over to that.  Now Hubs can answer the phone when I call instead of waiting for the one ring and call back! 

So, make sure that you have anti-slamming placed on your phone account.  It'll save you months of trying to get $36.18 back.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Almost there.

We've had Vacation Bible School all week.  It has been a wonderful week with children that were so well behaved, very receptive to The Word and just truly a blessing all the way around.

That blessing has made me dog tired.

I sit here with a light drizzle falling outside, glad that while we have a public pool pass, we were given a break for this Friday's pool day.  I'm wiped out.  I worked M-W, on top of dealing with VBS in the AM from 8:15 AM ish - 12 Noonish.  Monday, I came back and built a covered wagon out of a refrigerator box.  Tuesday, we had a belated Father's Day dinner with my in-law's.  Wednesday, I had to go out to DSW to return some ill-fitting shoes.  While on my way, there was an accident that occurred right next to me.  I had to hit the gas to avoid being hit by flying debris and after I cleared the accident area, I realized no one was stopping to help.  I turned around, blocked the two turn lanes with my truck, checked everyone's status (they were all okay), got them moved off to the side, then I got the delight of directing traffic before the police showed up, since doofus people thought it was fine to pass on the left regardless to the fact that it was an obnoxiously large intersection and they knew darned well that they should go to the right.  When the officer showed up, I gave him a quick low-down, told him that I wouldn't serve as a good witness as I saw it as it was happening, but not what really caused it and pressed on.  I'm glad to report that I did make it to the store to return the shoes, didn't find any to replace them with and went on to the health food store to do a spot of shopping.  Prices were scary high in there, so I picked up a few things (including dinner) and went on my way home.  Yesterday was VBS, bringing a friend home for lunch, then taking both girls up to the library for summer reading club, back home for a short time, then on to the dealership for an oil change and recall repairs. 

I was so tired that I nearly fell asleep sitting up in the chair at the dealership.

K- has been affected by the non-stop action this week.  Last night, she hit a rough spot with behavior (belligerence and whatnot) and we decided that before she got herself into hot water, she may want to consider the idea of going to bed early.  She's usually an 8-8:30 PM girl, but she's been collecting lightning bugs at night, which has pushed her time to about 9:30 PM.  Whooo boy, could I tell.  She went to bed at about 7:30 PM and fell asleep soon thereafter. 

We're home on a bit of a break.  I'll wash the floors, finish the bath and get the laundry drying.  We have our Best of the West Final Fest this evening, so we need to be back at the church at 5:30 PM.  We have a Lowe's building workshop tomorrow, but other than that, I think our schedule is clear.  I think that I just might sleep in. 

Until 8 AM.

I think.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Jesus needs me.

Vacation Bible School week.  I just spent 4 hours today building a covered wagon out of a refrigerator box, butcher paper, dowel rods, cable ties and a couple of different types of tape.  Color me tuckered. 

See you next week!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

You are the high in my noon,
The flap in my jack,
The jelly in my bean,
The hop in my scotch,
The fortune in my cookie,
The Grand in my Canyon,
The bees in my knees,
The zig in my zag,
The rock in my roll,
The fox in my trot,
The pow in my wow,
The gee in my whiz, (H. Jackson Brown, Jr.)
The wasket in my basket,
The nureau in my bureau,
The woset in my closet,
The jertain in my curtain,
The zlock in my clock,
The zelf on my shelf,
The nink in my sink,
The zamp in my lamp,
The yot in my pot,
The yottle in my bottle,
The zable on my table,
The ghair on my chair,
The bofa on my sofa,
The nupboard in my cupboard,
The nooth grush on my tooth brush,
The vug on my rug,
The quimney up our chimney,
The zall in the hall,
The yep on my step,
You are the tellar, nellar, gellar, dellar, bellar, wellar and zellar in my cellar,
The geeling on the ceiling,
The zower in the shower,
The zillow, who in our case, sometimes steals my pillow.  (Dr. Seuss)

Happy Father's Day, Hubs!