Friday, December 16, 2011

Teachers need to remember that we have a life outside of the PTA.

Today was a fine example of, "Hey, I'm happy to volunteer, but please recall that I have to scrub my toilet, too."

K-'s teacher, lovely woman she is, has now decided that she wants to show The Polar Express next week.  She needs a crock-pot of hot chocolate on and a copy of the movie provided.  She needs no volunteers, though.  Alrighty then.  Please never mind that we have the class party the day before and I can't ask these moms to provide anything else.  I'll be swinging the stuff and I assume that the crock-pot will be returned to me at the end of winter break. 

I had a teacher whose class earned a pizza party back in October tell me today that her kids have been asking about it.  "Oh, when were you looking to have that?"  "Tomorrow."  Really?!  "Is that possible?"  "Barely, but I can make it happen."  I showed her that I had juice boxes set aside, a bag of chips and I need to purchase more, plates and napkins.  She wanted the pizza delivered.  That would be seven additional dollars, so I'll just order from up the street and pick it up myself.  I need to go help to do said party, which leaves me at school in the early AM to help with snowgrams (for my friend Kay that had surgery) and then come back mid afternoon. 

The oil needs changed in my truck.

The sheets need changed on the beds.

My bathroom needs cleaned.

My daughter's "girl party" is Saturday and I was planning on basically not leaving the house tomorrow in hopes of getting things done, but now I can't.


I love the PTA.  I love helping.  I had a handful of teachers tell me independent of each other of how they appreciate what I do.  That is wonderful.  I'm happy to help out.  Just please, for the love of the cleanliness of my toilet and home in general, remember that I do not have a time card and I do not get paid for my position.  I'm just a volunteer!


Rach said...

It's funny, the first place I worked didn't really have parent volunteers and if I wanted to do something, I had better be prepared to do it myself--ie. a crock pot of hot chocolate (WTH?).

So, with that background in mind, I never really got the hang of it at the second place I worked. I think the parents would have been willing, but I never thought to ask I'd gotten so used to being self-sufficient.

Good grief on the short notice you've been getting. May your toilets be scrubbed soon.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I was room mom last year for J's class. I love the teacher, really I do, but she's a party girl. I swear there was a party every other week and volunteers were few and far between. Between the house, the kids, the school, and the job, I was spread SOOOO thin. It was not good. I started to resent all of the "fun" activities and became a little bitter about it.

I hope things slow down for you in the new year. Sometimes I don't the school understands all that we do.