Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Giant Eagle Pharmacy-- You are fired.

I'm done.  I e-mailed them tonight on their 2000 character max customer contact page.  I'll follow-up with their response. 

I'm officially firing your pharmacy. In the last month and a half, I've either received partial rx that I've had to come back for remaining or tonight, a long term rx that I've been on and have only filled through you was switched to generic w/a higher co-pay. Rx #62----9 was a partial fill with 10 pills, having me come back in 2 days for the remainder. Less than a month later, my daughter's antibiotic (rx 62----8) was confirmed to be filled 3x by rx tech by phone. "We just need to mix it when you get here." When I arrived, we found that the rx was only 1/2 filled, requiring me to come back the day after Thanksgiving for the remainder. When I was irritated and I admit that while I didn't scream or yell, the staff did completely get that I was irritated, I was told by the young man behind the counter, "Well, Ma'am, it IS flu season." Yes it is. You need to be more prepared and order more. A little more kindness would have been appreciated, but I admit that I was ticked, so I wasn't the happiest either. I also admit that the tech was shocked by my suggestion to give 1/2 copay for 1/2 meds. Of course, that doesn't happen. Fast forward to today. I re-filled my monthly rx (rx 62----3), went to pick it up to find that what had always been name brand had been switched (company policy perhaps) to generic and the co-pay was actually $20. and not $10. as it was with name brand. Since I had a Lipitor copay voucher, the tech said, "Well, it is filled generic, if you want, I can have it filled name brand but it'll be 10 minutes." Why would the filling of a 2 1/2 year old + rx be now switched to generic when last month it was name brand, as every other month? I chose to wait the 10 additional minutes for the rx that I should have had.

With this, I'm transferring my rx to a different pharmacy and officially fire you. Perhaps when you put customers out and require add'l trips, you could accommodate them for inability to deliver goods. That would be good customer service.
They've irritated me for the very last time.  I shouldn't have to continue to go back and forth for remainder of meds undelivered.  I should also have my rx filled as it was filled and if it is to change to generic, I should be given the option, not just be something chosen for me. 

Thoughts?  Pharmacy irritations?  Are you a pharmacist or a tech that would love to chew me out?  Go for it.  Be polite, though.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

I use Discount Dru*g M@rt. I think they may be pricier than the Eagle and there are no fuel perks but they do a good job. With all J's prescriptions I'm afraid to change because they know his and his needs so well. Anytime we need something that the insurance co says isn't due to be refilled they always find a way to do it for me.
I'm sorry that you have to go through this with G.E. We used to use them then we got the "insurance swap" by Hubs' work and we could only use Drug Mart.

Rach said...

We use the 'Jay and I've had nary a problem with them. Of course, we only have two recurring 'scrips in the house and both of those are on auto-refill. They call the house to let us know they're ready and I pick them up. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I'm sorry your experience wasn't. How utterly annoying!