Friday, December 2, 2011

Because the tonsils are still gigantic.

Last night, K- started complaining about a stomach ache that she had all day.  Now, that is where the strep started.  I had her open wide and by the light of the little LED, her tonsils were waving back at me. 

Boy those suckers are huge.

This AM, I made a call to my favorite pediatric gate keeper, Toni, to find out if we could store a golden ticket to see Dr. P-.  3:40 PM was our time to go before the wizard. 

Word is this.  Yes, her tonsils are rather large.  That is typical for this age.  Completely normal, actually.  She tossed a NEGATIVE! strep in office.  Can we raise our hands all Baptist like and belt out an AMEN?!  Dr. P- is still sending out the cultures to positive that we don't have errant germies running the joint.  She said that she is getting better, but completely understood my concern.

Now onward to the next appointment.  It seems as though K- has developed a bit of a toothache in the last day.  A toothache for K- is not a good thing, as the last one resulted in a root canal.  (Eeek!)  I called Dr. Rick, Lindsay (the gate keeper of dental health) got us an appointment for tomorrow, but was able to bump us up because of a cancellation.  Now, I'm going to have to leave the house at the butt crack of just barely dawn to get to the dentist who is 25 miles one way.  We love Dr. Rick, he is fantastic and knowing K-'s birth history, he said he will always fit her in for a toothache at anytime.  Gotta love that!  I don't even mind the mileage that I log to get to him.  He is beyond well worth it.

With that, I have a bath call, call, calling my name.  Yes, I know that it is only 6:04 PM, but I just feel it necessary.  A bath for me is renewing.  I can get so much more accomplished after one.  It is my evening caffeine.

Smiles in my day:
-  The negative strep test!
-  Unbashed cards arrived!
-  I hit the Scholastic Book Sale with my friend Kay and we bought a ton of books for the library, a book giveaway and for gifts.  I was able to get Magic Tree House books and a Jesus Calling devotional book for K- from my aunt, and some other gifts.  Because Kay and I combined our orders, she had a coupon for $25.00 off $100.00, so the books that were basically half off (not all but almost) ended up being even cheaper.  Hooray!
-  Doctors who could give me appointments without waiting for days.
-  My husband has worked so hard on our kitchen.  He's been doing dances with caulk.  The man loves caulk.  The kitchen?  It looks lovely.  Yes, I will post pictures when it is done, but don't expect them before next week.

Have a great weekend!

ETA:  We made our round trip tour to the Wizard of Dentistry and Dr. Rick pronounces K-'s teeth as okay.  He said to watch them, let him know if anything is awry, but that this just may be a case like a similar time I took her-- she gets a bacteria and occasionally, it pockets under her tooth/teeth.  K- was delivered to school 18 minutes late.  Considering that we left at 7:15 AM, made the half hour drive, saw the dentist and hauled back the 1/2 hour + at that point, being only 18 minutes late to school wasn't so bad.  She was thrilled that she made it in time for gym.  Bless her heart. 

I've decided that I need a name tag that says, "Mama Amy, Health Management Director."  Wow.

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