Friday, November 4, 2011

Today's theme is miscellaneous bits of life and stuff.

1.  I dislike Old Navy.  I ordered things online, again, and for the second time I found that their sizing is just not in line with what my child is.  Today, I took the things back to exchange, found that the online regular items are now the store clearance items and I ended up having to spend $11.00 more to get the same number of rather like items.  Argh.
2.  I have left a message with the referral department of the doctor's office.  I'm wondering if Dr. W- can refer me on to a lovely allergist who can figure out this pesky bee thing and to see what generalized "seasonal" allergies I have.  This year, I have been on Allegra D since June.  It's kind of a forever thing, I think.  I sure would like to know what I'm allergic to and if we can, I'd like to try to work that allergyness out of my system.  Words of advice, Janeen?
3.  K- got her health project done.  She had to do a Family Fire Safety Plan and she did a great job.  They had two weeks to do the project and K- really threw herself into it. 
4.  Grades close tomorrow and I'm holding my breath on that math grade.  :turning blue from lack of oxygen: 
5.  I picked my rings up today from the jeweler and whoever worked on them this time to retip the prongs did a better job than anyone ever has.  Truly, I don't recall anyone having tipped all of the tips before.  I only recall them having given attention to the center stone.  My, oh my are they clean! 
6.  I left a note on someones window today about a low tire.  I hope that they were able to get their tire aired back up.  I would hope that if someone saw the same problem with my car, they'd leave me a note.  My car would have thrown an idiot light at me, but I think that this van was pre-tire pressure idiot light.  Still, I hope that they are safe.
7.  My friend called crying to tell me that her niece had stopped breathing 4 times today and that she had prayed and prayed but could I pray, too?  So there I stood in Old Navy while the child was trying on shirts and belting out a prayer for Rachel, Kay and her family.  Turns out that Rachel is holding her breath and passing out.  (I did that when I was three.  Rachel is 8 or 9, but she has Rett's Syndrome.)  She had a seizure and fell flat on her face, if I have the facts right. 
8.  Don, our neighbor, had a great report today from his orthopedic surgeon.  He can ditch the coumadin, walk with the cane, drive himself to the store and get back to some light volunteer work at the church.  Don had his hip replaced three weeks ago and has truly done fantastic. 
9.  I'm tired.  It's amazing how I'm as tired as I was when I broke my foot initially.  Having gotten out of the boot, but being very careful with walking, driving and everyday tasks takes a toll.  I forgot my mid-afternoon 2 Advil snack and I felt it.  (I've only been back to that since I have been de-booted.  In boot, I hadn't taken Advil for quite a while.)  I have to remember that the foot won't be fully healed for another 7 weeks and it is going to take time.  It's just surprising quite how tiring that healing process is. 

It's time for bed.  I have a long day tomorrow.  'Night!

Smiles in my day:
-  K- and her excitement over her project.
-  K- was up and ready well before scatter time in the AM.  This last week has been difficult to get up and out.  Time change is Sunday.  I'm sure that won't help matters at all.  :(

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

We're actually looking forward to the time change here. It's been almost pitch dark outside when the alarm goes off. Now, it'll be daylight once again. Whew! Plus, that extra hour is always loverly. :o)

Hooray for recovery for Don! That's wonderful news! :o)

Not so wonderful for Rachel, though. My prayers for her and her family.