Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Pediatric Phone Line Lottery

Will I win?  I mean, my child finished her antibiotic on Monday night and now has the return of a sore throat, the stomach is still rotten and is now running a low-grade fever.  Can we say SCORE?!

She's cried because she'll be missing their Thanksgiving celebration and her awards assembly today along with potentially missing Thanksgiving with the family. 

I feel so bad for her.


ETA:  It is strep.  She ran another positive on rapid strep at the office.  Children's version of z-pack sent her into 45 minutes of vomiting.  Was on the Children's Hospital nurse's line on hold for 20+ minutes, but had a lovely and very apologetic nurse.  Had a crap day at work and that translated to my getting on the people at Big Bird Rx for giving me half a prescription-- again.  Snot-nosed (not literally, just in attitude) guy behind the counter said, "Well, it IS flu season."  "Yes, so BUY MORE!"  I didn't swear and I didn't scream, but I did let them know that having me come back-- again-- is just not working for me.  I'm sure that they all talked about me when I left.  It just didn't help that they confirmed twice to Hubs and once to me by phone that they had the script there and all was good.  Yes, their customer service line number will be getting a phone call.  I mean, it is delightful to pay full co-pay for half of the goods.  I proposed otherwise and the lady thought I was a raving lunatic.  Hey, they are giving me half of what they owe me.  Why not give them half of what I owe them?  Oh, but it doesn't work that way. 

I'm too tired to bake pumpkin pies.  I think I might collapse.  I've been up since 4:15 AM and I'm beat.  It'll be the first time that I've never had pumpkin pie on T-Day for breakfast.  Maybe I can force myself.  :shakes head in tirednesss:

So tired.  :yawn:


Rach said...

OH NO! Poor K!! :o(

Here's hoping it's merely a cold and nothing worse.

Keep me posted. I have one more day of Turkey Day preparedness chaos and then I should be back to the world of the living and 'putering. :o)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Oh no!! Hoping that she feels better for tomorrow. I'd send some "healthy vibes" but I'm a tad under the weather myself (but I'm trying to ignore it since I have so much to do). HUGS to Miss K!!