Monday, November 7, 2011

Busy week = bloggy break.

I had a busy weekend, one that was more busy with home stuff than outside stuff. That's good.  For the first time since ye ole snapping o' the metatarsal, all laundry is brought up to speed, folded and! put away.  Navigating the steps with laundry was not something so easy for me to do up until this point, a day of going through K-'s drawers for items grown out of and making space for new things, hauling laundry up and down landed me with a rather sore foot at the end of the night.  No, I don't think it is what Dr. W- meant by "don't do anything crazy," but at least I accomplished good things for the pain that I endured.  A good thing is that now I can stand on the front of my feet (like I'm standing in heels.)  I showed Hubs.  He asked that I not do that again.  I think that the loud crack is still too loud in his head. 

I've assembled 290 PTA directories for our school.  The assembly alone took me probably 7 hours, but that part is done.  I now have to staple membership cards to the front of each book and sort according to classrooms.  The classrooms I have to look up, so that will take an awesome amount of time, as well.  All told, so far this membership gig has taken probably 60 hours in in-put and directory creation.  I easily have another 3 hours to go in just membership card stapling and piling for distribution.  The lady who handed this job off to me never made mention of all that.  Argh.

Yesterday, I did grocery shopping with many coupons.  I'm not an extreme shopper and they wouldn't at all be impressed with my spending vs. saving, but I did save $35.00 in coupons and yes, it is for things that we need.  A lot of baking things were on sale and I had coupons.  We needed cereal and granola bars.  I bought toothpaste and other basics.  It took a lot of time, though.  Thank goodness K- brought her DS with her.  She sat in the cart and played while I shopped.

This week, I have the final decorating push before the Holiday Open House.  I'll be working longacious hours. 

Sometime this week, 200 shirts will be ready for me to sort and distribute at school.

Friday, I have a pizza party for 45 kids. 

K- has decided to grow her bangs out.  That leaves me trying to figure out how to pin her thick bangs out of her face everyday so that she looks nice and not like a shaggy dog.  I think I'll get it figured out.  This morning, a touch of hair spray had to be used.  She was none too pleased with that, but I told her that girls aren't having bangs so much in the 3rd grade anyhow, so it is perfect that she's decided to grow them out now.  Once they get far enough along, I'll take her for a real hair cut (it'll be her first not done by me) to blend those puppies in.  I'm not thinking that is until late spring, though.

:deep breath:

Oh, and did I fail to mention that my brother has managed to pull a stint at our local federal housing?  What does that mean?  What that means is that he got tossed in jail.  It's a big mess of yucky detail, but I can say from the bottom of my heart that though I know that he's made bad decisions, he could have left and didn't, I believe that he was falsely accused and that he's in the big house for sheer stupidity.  :glove smack:  I love my brother with all my heart, but until he starts making better decisions for himself and removes himself from toxic situations, we can't do anything to save him until he comes to that conclusion on his own.  In the meantime, we pray.

I shuttle onward.  I've borrowed a big ole stapler that I have to drop off at school while on my way to work.  The PTA directory is going to kill me before my brothers dumb decisions do. 

Have a great week!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

So sorry for about your brother. I'll add him to my prayer list. HUGS!

Rach said...

Yes, I agree that your brother was most likely falsely accused, given the situation he was in.

And, GIRL! You are BUSY. We'll see ya when you're back. Hang in there! And, don't forget to take your ibuprofen and take it easy on your foot. Let Joe do the climbing. Delegate!

Bailey's Leaf said...

You know I don't delegate well. :(

Rach said...

I know, I know. I don't either. It's that whole, "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself" mentality. But, you MUST let Joe help you. If you don't, Dr. W may be fussing at you.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Took it to the edge, but didn't fall off. You'd be proud of me. :S I'm now extremely proficient at climbing ladders sideways!