Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tales from the Trenches: A letter to the dog lady and one to smoking man.

Dear Dog Lady,

I know that each morning you see me, you must grit your teeth in anger.  I know that you find my protecting the children at the bus stop from your ferociously barking dog annoying.  I know that you tell me that as Spot, the medium-sized German Shepherd that barks his fool head off that, "He's really gentle and would hurt no one."  Pardon me for not being convinced.

One of the first days of school, you decided to walk Spot through the crowd of 6+ children.  I was dumbfounded.  "He's fine," you said, as the look on my face suggested otherwise.  "I'd really rather not," I said softly while I was horrified to think that I might have to throw myself in front of these children to avoid a good ole fashioned mauling.

Fast forward to a day last week.  You were walking Spot, approaching our bus stop corner and not stopping.  I stepped ahead of the spot about 5 feet and said, "Ma'am, would you mind not walking your dog through the crowd of waiting children at the bus stop?"  "He's harmless," you say, while Spot has his ferocious people bark on.  You continue to advance toward me and I continued, "No, Ma'am, please.  You don't understand.  I would really rather you NOT walk your dog through the bus stop of children.  Please consider walking him on the sidewalk on the other side of the street."  "Well, there are things planted there and he may pee on them and kill them."  Really?  You are concerned about burning plants up at the end of the season with dog urine, rather than a concerned parent with children ranging from 2nd - 5th grade.  "Well, really, we'd rather you not."

Yesterday, you were approaching the stop.  I very politely gave a look your way, moved down a bit and blocked the sidewalk.  You took my not-so-subtle hint, turned around and went the other way.

Good girl!

Please understand that I'm just protecting these kids at the bus stop.  I have been bitten by otherwise "very gentle dogs" and my bites required medical treatment.  I was bit in the hand and chest by a Great Dane.  I was also bit in the leg by the same owner's Doberman.  My niece had a "very gentle dog" snap one night while she was sleeping with her and my brother came in to find the dog chewing on my niece's head as if it were a chew toy.  I had a cousin who had his face chewed by a dog that had gone hungry.   I have big dog issues.  I love them if I know them, but I don't know your dog and don't care to.


The Over Protective Bus Stop Mom

- - - - - - - - -

Dear Smoking Man,

I really don't quite know what possessed you to smoke while standing on the white line outlining the boundaries of the soccer field this weekend.  I understand that it was raining and that you brought your very large EZ-Up tent to keep your family dry.  That was kind of you.  What was not kind of you was to smoke right where the children were playing soccer.  I know that you can't be surprised by children paying soccer.  You've paid your play cost to have your child involved. 

The children are out exercising.  While I understand that it isn't my place to tell you where to smoke, one would think that common sense would kick in and perhaps you wouldn't do it ON THE FREAKIN' FIELD!

There are asthmatic children.  While my child is not one of those, she is smoke sensitive.  What do I mean by that?  Well, she ends up with a hefty case of croup or bronchitis every time she is exposed to more than a puff of smoke.  I had the discussion with my family that we would not be able to attend family functions if they continue to smoke in the house and around my child.  If they can move out to keep my child safe, you can use your noodle and move your heiny under the tree, up the hill and away from the children, to keep their lungs safe. 

Dude, where is your brain?


The Smoke-Free Mom

Smiles in my day:
-  That my daughter had a teacher that phones.  I'm not quite used to that.  She is an open book.  You can literally talk to her about anything with your child and she truly wants to help.  As I was walking down the hall the other day, she grabbed me up to discuss my child's math test.  K- failed.  K- didn't fail because she didn't know the material.  K- failed because she rushed.  K- had an A- an interim and I had asked Mrs. B where this 55 % put her.  I told her that the way I figured (with tests being 50 % of her grade and this being the first one), she was now sitting at a low C - D.  It turns out that K- is sitting with a D.  :insert exploding bomb sound here:  She called to tell me that she hadn't realized quite the percentage impact that made on the kids grades, and that she had 5 other children bomb the test, too.  She will be re-testing that test in a few weeks.  I explained to her that I didn't bring up the percentage to her as a want to retest (though I'm thankful), but with at least 25% of the class in K-'s same boat, I could see her point of concern.  (Imagine 28.5% of your 2nd grade class now failing one subject all because of one test.)  As Mrs. B said to me, they are working with a completely new math program and it is taking some getting used to.  Still, I laugh that she calls my house, doesn't even say who it is (thank God for caller ID) and just launches on in talking.  I told her that K- is under 2 weeks of restriction to make sure that the impact of rushing is firmly planted in her noggin.  She is under screen restriction, except with First in Math, is to double check her work, slow down and concentrate and her handwriting is to be neater.  When she doesn't rush, these things aren't an issue.  I told her that we would re-evaluate on October 28 and see how she is doing then.  She appreciated us taking this seriously and I told her that I don't think it will be a problem for K- again. 

Have a great day!

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Rach said...

Well crud. I could have SWORN I commented earlier. Drat.

The lady with the dog should be walking AROUND the kiddos, not through them. I don't care how "friendly" and "loving" your dog is, you don't walk it THROUGH a group of people. Period.

As for the smoking man, really? :sigh: I grew up in houses filled with smokers and I never want to experience it again. :cough cough: :wheeze wheeze: