Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tales from the Trenches: The great travels of an Aircast boot.

It's gotten packed in mud.

It's been water-logged from a lovely walk through a puddle that I didn't see in the dark.

It's been over inflated.

And under inflated.

The people at work say that I can't sneak down the steps since I THUNK, THUNK, THUNK down them instead.

My people have bruises.  I accidentally walked on K-'s knee, I clocked Hubs in the knee cap (hard) when I flipped while sleeping and I've clocked him in the knee a few times on the couch while we were watching TV.

My people have literally gotten underfoot.  Hubs reports having toes rolled over with the Aircast like having them crammed into a vice.  I'm guessing that it doesn't feel good.

I've walked in poop twice now.  That calls for assistance in cleaning.  Hubs got it once and my sister got it once.

I have to pull myself far closer to the steering wheel than I should be (please no lectures about the air bags-- I'm short and it is something I'm too close to anyhow) so that I can depress the gas pedal without it being a full body experience. 

I'm out of the season where it smells like little kid foot.  It's cool enough now.

Speaking of, it has vent holes and sweet Pete when the cold wind blows through the holes.  Ventilation it has.  A bit more than I realized.  Eeek, it can get chilly!

I've learned the perfect way to make a 2 minute rain boot cover from a gallery bag, a pair of scissors and two tabs of packaging tape.  It's waterproof from up top, but not down below.

The kids at school (nearly all 500 of them) have stopped asking when I'm getting the boot off.  I think that they've given up.  I've been casted the entire school year so far. 

I think that the teachers have given up, too.

Either the straps are stretching or I'm suffering from atrophy.  Or both.  The straps pull a lot tighter than they used to.  I have no swelling, so that's also something else to consider. 

The seasonals at work don't notice that my foot is broken until I tell them.  Since the jeans cover the Aircast and my tennis shoes are the same color, most people don't notice. 

Joe threatened me today when he saw a ladder in my work area.  Yes, I had to climb up once (a tall step ladder) because Steve was there to hang my Christmas tree up for me.  I've been working off of two step stools (big area for my feet).  All I could think of was Dr. W- coming in (since he knows where I work) and busting me for being on a ladder. 

I forgot to loosen the straps last night and woke up with my foot feeling rather vice-crunched.  "Need. to. move. please," said my cramped toes. 

I may have mentioned this, but I cannot run in the Aircast.  Well, I suppose that I could if I really put my mind to it, but if Dr. W- doesn't want me walking decent distances, I'm thinking that running is out of the question, too.

It's fully unrelated, but I'm presently fighting a battle with a cold sore.  I'm hoping to win. 

With that, I have a PTA directory hanging over my head.  Must get typing.

Have a great day!

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