Sunday, October 30, 2011

My husband pulled me in a wagon and my aunt still wants to buy me diabetic orthopedic shoes.

Thursday was trick or treat at my parents house.  I sent K- and Hubs off to go treating with my sister and her clan.  I stayed back, my niece and I talked about funny things, but I still felt left out.  T- and I went trick or treating by car to the neighbor's house.

"Vern, I broke my foot or I would have trick or treated with the family.  :while holding out a trick or treat bag:  May I still have my Cracker Jacks?" 

He smirked and said certainly.  Plunk and in fell my yearly box o' Cracker Jack goodness. 

Friday was my daughter's Halloween parade for school.  I would have walked the parade route, but Dr. W- would hunt me down and beat me with the Aircast that he just sprung me from.  Instead, I hung back at the room and got everything ready for the kids. 

Saturday was our trick or treat.  My sister and her entourage arrived for dinner, then we went off to trick or treat together.  LeAnne and her partner brought their flat bed wagon.  (The sides need replaced and M- hasn't gotten to it yet.  He works and is kind of busy.)  I was going to have them leave it back, but Hubs said that he would haul it.  It only took me hoofing it what would be the equivalent of around an entire city block to have to park and ride.  I was outfitted with the red light saber so that people didn't hit us, and Hubs dragged me for the remaining blocks.  God bless the man.  I'm just not the 97 pounds I was when we married. 

My aunt has insisted on my having new shoes.  She insisted on springing for those for me.  (Not necessary, BTW.)  Since I was dodging the Dr. Comfort catalog in hopes for a wonderful pair of Saucony, Hubs, K- and I went on down to DSW and found these.  Street shoes didn't satisfy Aunt Donna.  She's decided that the diabetic hikers that she wants to buy me are these.  :insert big frowny face:  I love my aunt and that is why I boldly told her, "I will never wear those."  Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to hurt her feelings, but it seems insane to purchase expensive boots for me that will never ever ever ever ever (get that?) be worn ever.  (Just in case you didn't get the first 4 evers.)  The Saucony's were only $47.50 with tax (I had a coupon.)  I thought I got out for cheap and that she would be thrilled.  As we talked, I mentioned that Hubs just bought me new LL Bean hiking boots at the end of the summer and even Aquasealed them.  I explained that hiking boots are all Hubs wears for work and that he takes hiking boots very seriously.  He won't buy cheap for himself and didn't buy cheap hiking boots for me.  She seemed to be a bit more satisfied and almost relieved when she found that I had a new pair of hikers waiting in the wings.  She did make me promise that I would still peruse the fine offerings of specially crafted diabetic orthopedics in the catalog that she sent me home with.

Her heart is in the right place. 


ChupieandJ'smama said...

The wagon story cracked me up. Your Hubs is a prince among men. I don't know about the orthopedic shoes... It's nice of your aunt though. When my hubs tore his Achilles, the doctor told him to get him "Brooks" running shoes as they had the most support. Just a thought. If you get the orthopedics, post a picture please ;) Happy Halloween!!

Rach said...

LOL! I can SO see you being pulled through the neighborhood whilst toting the red light saber. Hee hee!

Um, wow. Those Wow. :shudder: Nice Sauconys, though! :o)

Maybe a pair of the orthopedic flip flops? They seemed to the the least objectionable of the bunch. :oS

Bailey's Leaf said...

I felt the same about the flip flops! Dr. W- specifically told me (knowing that my feet still have a faint tan)-- NO FLIP FLOPS! Perhaps it is the tan line and the fact that I came to be casted with flip flops on, causing me to nearly flip my flop on the way out because I didn't know that I had to go elsewhere for the crutches and hopped out on one flip flop foot.