Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Goodbye old friend.

A girl and her borrowed dog.
K- called me at work yesterday.  Her voice sounded shaky and sad.  "What's up, babe?"  "Mom, Mike has to put Brandy to sleep.  She's going to die."  The child cried and cried, and I cried with her.  My coworker heard me talking to her and I upset her so much that she ended up crying.  Brandy had been suffering from congestive heart failure and had gotten to a point yesterday that Mike knew he needed to have her put to sleep.  I told K- to take my camera (please don't drop Mommy's good camera) and to see if it was okay with Mike if she takes a few pictures.  She did and Hubs took a picture of her with Brandy.  10 minutes after K- called, Hubs called to give me the scoop.  "You have to buy Mike something."  Shoot.  What do you buy a mourning guy when his dog dies?  I found him a 6-pack of NE Ohio micro-brewed beer-- Thirsty Dog!  (Had to go with a dog themed gift.)  Mike called later and cried and cried.  Oh, my how my heart broke for him.  We'll all be sad not to have Brandy hanging out in the shade and romping through the front yard with K-.  So sad.  :(


Rach said...

I'm so sorry for Mike (K too). That is such a hard call to make, and to then lose such a faithful companion...well, it's heartbreaking.

I think the beer was the right call.

Oh, the irony, my wordver is cryly.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I'm so sad for him! And for Miss K too. Our neighbor just informed us that his cat (Franklin) is missing. Franklin spent more time at our house (outside only) than his own. He was an outside cat and I think the coyotes got him. The boys are sad that their 1/2 pet is gone. I'm sad too. I'll miss Franklin. Maybe I should send our neighbor some "cat" beer... :)