Sunday, September 4, 2011

A thankfulness post: If you've got it, be happy and accessorize it.

Okay, obviously I didn't get a professional pedicure.  Just pardon the excess glitter top coat polish lopped over the sides.  If someone is looking that closely at my foot (y'all fall under the exception here), they deserve to see some over polish. 

K- and E- had a good time treating the cast as a canvas.  K- helped me to glue rhinestones to the top.  I was going to go overboard, but the neighbor mentioned that when they run films again to make certain it has healed, they will reflect on the film.  Oops.  The lower ones won't cause a problem. 

Hubs and I had a discussion earlier about my foot, his habit of injury and the fact that no one else has the odd issues that our match provides.  I told him, "People might not understand when I say this, but I hope that you do.  I'm glad that I broke my foot."  Being the husband he is and knowing how my mind works he said, "Tendons and ligaments would have probably ended up in surgery."  "Exactly.  And, I hear that a severe sprain is worse to get over than a break."  Truly, I am very thankful.  It hurt when I first did it, but nothing that brought me to tears.  The lump that instantly appeared on my foot paired with the loud crack upon landing pretty much sold me to the thought that I broke it, but it really could have been much worse.  All the bones lined up.  No setting or surgery were required.  I could wait until the next day for medical intervention.  I have insurance.  Let me repeat that.  I have insurance.  So many other people don't.  I have a doctor who could handle my care in office.  I have wonderful people at work that have e-mailed to say not to sweat it, they'll find desk work for me to do.  I had worried.  I had worried that I couldn't find the "permission slip to work" from the doctor and that Tuesday, they would turn me around and send me home.  They are happy to have me come to hang out.  My mom kept calling to see what she could bring.  My aunt came over on her mobility scooter to drop off 3 giant dark chocolate bars, because she couldn't think of anything else to do.  (She felt a little useless.) The neighbor drove me several places for hours while my foot was casted, I retrieved crutches and tried to find the illusive cast boot.  (I finally did find it later on my own.)  My PTA mama friend, Kay, helped me to start cleaning the PTA room at school.  (We're in a swing space and our room is not a closet anymore, but the previous teacher's lounge and it is gross.)  My in-law's had us over last night for dinner, even though they were supposed to come to our house.  My daughter has kicked in and really helped and is currently in training to become a laundress like her mama.  (No Cinderella here, but it doesn't hurt for the child to learn how to do some basic laundry helping.)  Hubs is always a big help around the house and he's also picking up my slack.  He's out shopping at Sam's right now.  (And has called me twice already.)  My SIL and BIL in the Chicagoland area are calling in pick up for us at a local Italian restaurant tonight.  And again I reiterate, I can drive.  That I worried about, as well.

It's all good.  It'll be a short month and sooner than I know it, I'll be shaving two legs at the same bath time again. 


Rach said...

I think you may be my long lost clumsy/random-weird-injury sister. ;o)

The girls blinged it beautifully, and it *almost* distracts from the gorgeous coloring you have going on there peeking at the end of the cast.

I too am utterly thankful for insurance. (You know I could go off on this, right?)

And, as someone who experienced the ligament-thing, I can concur that they take MUCH longer to heal. :oS

So nice to find you in joyful spirits. :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh baby! Well done! :) Went back and read your posts after talking to you today. May you heal quickly and without any adult beverages needed!!! Love, HOL