Saturday, September 17, 2011


When I had my bedazzled purple cast cut off, the doctor who put me into the cam boot said that I could technically walk on my foot.  Dr. W- told me limited weight bearing for two weeks.  I opted to stay with the original instructions.  Thursday, was my first day out, crutch-free.

It is grand. 

Grant you, I walk as if I am a victim of a displaced stick, but it's all good.  I have to keep a tennis shoe on, though.  The height of the cam boot vs. a flat foot is quite different.  I have to walk on my  toes if unshoed on the left. 

My crutches are still in the truck if I need them.  I'm looking forward to going to the grocery today.  I hadn't gone before, as I didn't care to go in a motorized shopping scooter. 

I go back on the 29th to see what progress I've made and if I'm shoe-ready.  I dare not walk anywhere without my boot.  I even sleep with it on.  Better to be safe than sorry, even if when I take it off, it smells like little kid foot.  Eeeeewwwwww!

Smiles in my days:
-  Busy, busy.  We had an open house Thursday evening where we were able to go to our child's class and get the full run-down of what they do with their day.  It helped to explain a lot of things and clarification is always good.  I could tell that the teacher was nervous, as she apologized the next day for things that she had missed.  I told her how much I appreciated it.  She needed an atagirl.  You know, sometimes it's a lot easier to get in front of the little people that their parents.  If you do something goofy in front of the kids, they'll laugh, you'll laugh and all is done.  Parents take things way too seriously.
-  Mike, the wonder neighbor, is back from his quick trip to Myrtle Beach.  Some old guy ran a stop sign and hit him with his car, though.  Mike rolled over the hood and landed on the other side.  The man saw that he appeared unhurt and he WAVED AND DROVE AWAY.  I told Mike that I'm sure that he'd rather it be him than his girlfriend, Ruth.  Wow.
-  We caught our last monarch yesterday.  The tally sheets will be mailed on Monday.  The butterflies will begin arriving in Mexico in about mid-November.  We'll see if any of ours made it.  Of course, we're really pulling for PMA 912.  I mean, I busted my foot for that butterfly and all!  I'll keep you guys up to date on whether any of our butterflies make it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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